Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have an Attitude for Gratitude

I have this post it note on my desktop wallpaper.  It's from ThingsWeForget.Blogspot.Com.  It helps remind me everyday to be grateful for everything - from the small to the big stuff.  It really does help to have an attitude for gratitude.  For one, it's making me less irritable and the blessings just keep on coming.  Keeping the faith, here's another round for my Gratitude Wall.

Thanks you J.O. for inviting me to your home and FEEDING me!  Home-cooked Korean food with homemade chili sauce has never been this good!  Let's catch up again one of these days!  Congratulations to you and S!  Extend my gratitude to Gina and the rest of your wonderful home kitchen. ^^  Love N's kiss at the end. (^o-)v  She likes me after all.  Must have an eye for pogi hahaha (^o^)/  

Thanks A.L. for introducing me to Tequilla with Lemon, Coffee, and Brown sugar.  Drinking Tequila will never be the same again.  Thanks to Egay of Fez for obliging  to our request. 

A salute to the Buchi Gang + The Clan!  Cheers to our friendship!  See you around guys! 
(Ang sarap dito! (^o-)v)  (Buchi Gang in Boracay, BFFs and NFFs, Are you DDF?)

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  1. Tequilla with Lemon, Coffee, and Brown sugar?! Wow! Sounds interesting!

    Attitude with gratitude does help us see the glass half full than otherwise!

  2. yup! Try it on your next night out ^^ dip one side of the lemon in brown sugar and then the other in instant coffee powder ^^ drink your shot of tequila and then suck the lemon along with the coffee and sugar! yum yum ^^

  3. uber extended vacation ah, looks like you're enjoying to the max the company of NFFs and ...! :)


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