Friday, June 13, 2008

BFFs, NFFs, and DDFs

If you have been following the recently concluded Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition Plus in ABS-CBN, you would have probably been acquainted with the abbreviation BFF (Best Friends Forever). I couldn't help but grin upon hearing this as I know the abbreviation FFs and FBs are better known for something else! (or was it just me and that green button in my mind setting off without control again) If you've followed the popular series called Sex and The City, for sure you would have encountered the terms I'm referring to. For those of you naive enough not to get it, I'll give you a clue: FF and FB means F**k / F***ing Friends and F**k Buddies respectively. Aha!?! Even my room is well illuminated with that light bulb over your head.

On my recent trip to Boracay, I got introduced to two more abbreviations: NFF and DDF. Read on to find out what these mean.

It was our first day in Boracay, 4 of us flew in from Cebu, 2 from Manila, 3 boys and 3 girls. Initially the boys were a bit apprehensive as a who-sleeps-where issue has been raised before the trip. The boys' bedroom only has 2 single beds and it has been proposed through email that the third one arriving last would have to settle for sleeping in the sofa.

It was close to dawn when I and the rest of the group from Cebu arrived. The 2 from Manila have settled in already. I flew in with 2 girls from Cebu. The last one to arrive was also a girl from Cebu. You can do the math. I was the last of the boys to arrive and so was the one designated to sleep in the sofa! (and was subjected to a lot of sofa-jokes as well hehehe)

On our first night together we went out to enjoy the sunset and then after a couple of sunset shots stayed at Hawaiian BBQ and ordered sumptuous spare ribs. While waiting for our dinner, one from the group shared his childhood experience involving newspapers rolled into toothpicks. I couldn't help but be brought back to a similar childhood experience back when I was just in grade one. I'll let you in on this in my succeeding post. For now, let's go back to Boracay. ^^

After that delicious spare ribs dinner paired with pineapple rice (!!!) (a first one for me), we went to Beachcomber bar to chill out. House music was playing that night and the on cue dancing of two of our companions to the tune of "Ever After", not minding the onlookers by the beach front, made the rest of the night light and easy. Inhibitions were beginning to fade as we raised our shot glasses (beers and illusion shakers) and made our first toast: "To NFFs!" It was the perfect start to our Boracay adventure, the beginning of new friendships, the celebration of New Found Friends!

I am currently on board a plane to Singapore while writing this blog. The draft of which I've written at the back of my e-Ticket. It sort of felt anti-climactic for me to leave again this soon. That feeling of light-heartedness, joy, fun, excitement, and ecstasy one experiences after going through something wonderful still lingers on and for now all I want to do is savor the moment. I'm afraid that it might get eclipsed with my Singapore trip. But I guess, you just know something special when it happens to you and this adventure with old and new found friends will definitely have a spot in my memory for years to come.

What about DDF?

I'm saving it for another post! (^o-)v You can guess what it means 'til then. Let me just say that when we heard the word, I was comfortably lying on my bed, yes you heard right, a bed made out from an extra mattress laid out on the floor in the centralized airconditioned living room in one of the villas of the Fairways and Bluewaters Resort. Amen. (^O^)/

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  1. Let me get this right...someone paid for the super nice Fairways /bluewaters resort rooms.... but you guys still went on the cheapskate and didn't get your own rooms? Thats a luxury resort! How would luxury ever equate to having to share a room with someone? Much less the wholly embarrassing occasion where someone has to sleep on the sofa.......

  2. better than bohol?? really ?? why???

  3. @anonymous

    we got the villa through one of our companion's membership privileges. It was for FREE! We didn't go there to lounge in the hotel anyway, and we wanted to stay in one villa because that way it is more FUN! It wasn't really embarassing to sleep in the living room as it was big enough and comfortable enough to take on a whole family, it just makes the whole experience more memorable. In a way, it was an experience that helped BOND the "new" group together.

    Being able to save on the lodging meant gourmet food, extra desserts, extravagant massages, lounging at cabanas by the beachfront, where it really mattered, for us. ^^

    The resort was just a place for us to sleep and take a shower, most of the time we were out on the beach enjoying the sea, the food, and the ambiance.


    hi mindz! yup, i think it's definitely better than panglao. Maybe because it's more complete in the sense that whatever kind of tourist you may be (RnR type, Party-animal type, etc.) you can have fun in Boracay, whereas in Bohol the choices are limited.
    Secondly, the sunset can be seen from the main beach, where as in Panglao, in the main area (bohol beach club / alona side), it's the sunrise that you'll see.

    An advantage of Panglao maybe is that it has better dive/snorkelling sites. ^^

  4. and don't forget the open bar brought to us by your sony ericsson, cheers! =)

    when i first heard of NFF, it didn't sound good to me too! hahaha

  5. @freeze

    hahaha ^^
    o nga eh! i forgot to include that thing about my phone. hayaan mo, i'll mention that on my next post ^^ it was on my notes pero didn't think of it during my flight. ^^


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