Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feels like Grade One

I had severe nosebleeds when I was just a kid. Everytime I ate chocolates and corn-based junk foods like Chippy, my nose would definitely bleed before the day ends. This happens everytime without fail. Mama said that this occurred after I had the measles.

So one day, back when I was about in Grade 4, I remember going to the doctor to have my nose checked. The doctor went through with his routine examination. He listened for blockages in my airways, checked my throat, checked my nose, checked my ears, paused, then checked my ears again and again. "What could be so fascinating with my ears?" I thought, and then as if answering my thoughts, he spoke sporting a concerned look on his face, "There's something inside your ear..."

That same day, the doctor sent me to see an EENT, a doctor specializing in the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat. Our mission was to have that something in my ear removed. I was a bit apprehensive to go. It was my first session with an EENT. I was imaging the process to be long and painful. I was scared.

Five minutes into the session with the EENT, after relaying my ear problem, he asked me to sit sideways by a special chair and then he donned something over his head which I reckoned were huge magnifying glasses. He told me to stay still and in just a few seconds I saw him put something on a piece of paper infront of me. Right there, straight on my gaze, was a square piece of white unknown thing about 6mm in width and height covered by a golden orange gooey stuff! (yucks!) I was embarassed as in a few seconds I recognized what that thing was already.

Although I've told a few people, like my mom, as to what the thing was, I never really shared this story with anyone else. I just got recently reminded of it coming from my Boracay trip. During the trip a friend was sharing how when he was still a kid, he noticed his yaya (babysitter) rolling pieces of paper and using them as toothpick. Curious, he did the same with a newspaper and inserted it through his nose! He says he doesn't remember anymore how it was removed from his nose but upon discovering that a piece of rolled paper was stuck in his nose, the yaya got blamed and was told not to kiss him! wahahaha

This really made me laugh, and secrectly, I was reminiscing my own experience. I never really shared what happened to me as I thought it was embarassing. Even back then, I must have been striving for perfection already. I never realized that such things really were just boys being boys or kids being kids, for that matter. And so this memory was long hidden in a huge chest of embarassing moments deep in the recesses of my brain (only unlocked recently with blogging.)

I remember being in Grade one, sitted like an indian on the floor, in the mid section of the classroom, trying to listen to what the teacher was discussing for the day. Somehow I couldn't give her all my attention as my right hand was busy fiddling a small object. I was unknowingly inserting and removing it from my right ear, all along enjoying the sensation it brings. And then in an instant, somewhat annoyed and foretelling the future, the teacher bursted out at me and said "Sige ka! Pagnapasok yan sa tenga mo!" (How do I translate this? hehehe) (It's something like "Careful with that, it might get stuck in your ear." but more with an annoyed tone than concern.)

I was shocked as the teacher reprimanded me. I stopped what I was doing right there and then and focused my attention back at her again. However, even before the teacher bursted out at me, the pencil ERASER was already stuck in my ear!

If I remember the time frame correctly then that eraser was in my ear for around 3 years! Although it didn't have any serious effect on my hearing or speech, I'm guessing that the reason why I can't sing very well is because of this. wahahaha ^^ But I'm sure I can still train my ears and voice ... watch out! hihihi (^O^)v (ramblings of a frustrated singer)

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  1. oh my! hahaha why didn't you share that with your NFF?! We all have our own share of foolishness =)

  2. ha ha ha ... i love digging my ear too ;) ... until now!

  3. @freeze

    hehehe it was not my time ... it was B's moment ^^


    welcome back! thanks for dropping by ^^ digging is a bit more safe i think, i just used an eraser kasi, so when it got lodged deeper d ko na masungkit with my fingers hehehe

  4. this is more alarming than embarassing. mau nalng dili serious.

  5. @baberose

    yup yup, i can't believe that I totally forgot about it jud. hehehe
    Buti nalang I can still hear normally. Thanks rose ^^


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