Friday, June 20, 2008

Just For Now

A few friends from Multiply have been raving about the musical play Avenue Q which is having a farewell run in Manila this month. I checked the schedules already and was disappointed to see that the last run would be this weekend. If only it was extended another weekend then I would be able to go and see it.

One of the songs in the play is entitled "For Now" and it contains the following lyrics:
"Except for death and paying taxes, everything in life is only for now!" (quite funny)

Everything is really just temporary, so keep on living ^^ Enjoy life.

Source: jenneegrace
(Check out the full lyrics and video from her page)

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  1. My friend in NY also gave Avenue Q a thumbs up. I'll see it in NY in August. Care to join me? ;-)

  2. Hi shirls!
    nice of you to drop by. I would love to pero wala pa akong visa hehehe ^^ have to renew my passport pa as well kay expiring in 6 mos. na ^^ haaaay.
    pa-NY2x ka nalang ha. ^^

  3. why don't you apply for a US visa? or maybe canadian visa? i'll pick you up at the airport and take you to many shows :) bring your tennis racket too :)

    NY is just across the border, about 2 hrs drive from Toronto, that close :)

  4. I am ... but I have to renew my passport first hehehe ^^ sige sige, sisingilin kita sa promises mo. hehehe ^^

    You should go to the US Open in New York ^^


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