Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are you DDF?

Are you single?
Are you gay?
Are you working?

Are the questions Denise (portrayed by Lisa Kudrow) ask prospective men she may want to date in the movie, P.S. I Love You. After getting a satisfactory answer from which, she would then give the guy a kiss, the final test. Maybe in time, when a new movie's made, "Are you DDF?" will make it to the list as well.

The gang just came back from the beach and were showering and dressing up getting ready to celebrate another night in Boracay. The TV was tuned to The Bachelor and would occasionally be switched to the reality series The Beauty and The Geek. No idea as to what season that was, but it seemed new because they now have "Geeks" represented by women and "Beauties" by guys. It was the final segment where in contestants subject for elimination have to outwit each other by answering trivia questions they wouldn't normally know. Here is where the gang encountered the abbreviation DDF.

The abbreviation stuck as the gang's last night was spent at Cocomangas (still alive after 15 years), which was obviously not DDF, according to one, as it is the hangout place of the island's exotic beauties, if you know what I mean. In a guys perspective, getting drunk alone on that bar can be quite scary. hehehe (^O^)v Also, another member could possibly have scored if only he used the line and approached a group of cute american girls. (^^;)

Nobody in the gang got the right answer as to what DDF means. Everyone must still have been thinking in the line of Friends, that is, something D.D. Friends. But the contestant in the show got it right!

He answered, "Drug and Disease Free!"

For us,Filipinos, this certainly is not common, and one would still wonder why an abbreviation like this would ever be created. I guess only time will tell if it'll remain that way in the years to come.

So, Are you DDF? (^^;)


This is a sequel to this post (BFFs, NFFs, and DDFs).

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  1. @didee

    hahaha binalik sa akin ang question.
    I am, for the record hehehe ^^

  2. hahaha
    are you DDF?? :P

  3. @mindy

    sinagot ko na oi. hehehe


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