Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tennis Fashion

Over the years tennis has really grown not only in terms of depth in the men's and women's field but also in fashion. hehehe (^O^)v

It's Wimbledon season again! Check out what the top players are wearing.

Sharapova's Tux inspired outfit.

Serena's trench coat!
And the most eye-catching of them all,

Federer's cardigan!

For the past two years Federer has been sporting a blazer with long pants look (imagine that!). This time he went for another classic, the cardigan. He even got praises from Sharapova. And just when everyone thought there was nothing more to it, a matching belt peeks out as Federer hits one of his smashing forehands! The belt's buckle has the wimbledon cup as insignia on it. Just way cool! Only the man who has won the title five consecutive times has the right to do so, I dare say. hehehe ^^

A peek at Federer's belt.
(Bigger pic here.) Check out his shoes too.

I hope Federer and Nadal meets again in the finals. If that happens, expect another live blog from me. Go Federer!

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  1. I still remember Agassi of the late eighties, with his long hair and the bright neon patches on his Nike apparel that was every sport marketing executives dream combo... rockstar athlete with the talent to literally sell the shirt off his back.

  2. wtf?! seryoso ba yung kay serena?? hahaha!

  3. @hoop

    yup, agassi definitely one of the pioneers, or maybe the only one, during his time. He even made the balding hair look appealing hehehe ^^


    yup yup! serena with her trench coat. totoo yan. pero syempre she takes it off when game starts. It's her warm up and after match jacket ^^

  4. addicted ka talaga sa tennis phen :) ano ba naman yang players parang naga fashion show sa court lol

  5. @mindy

    addicted a bit ^^ but now I don't get to play tennis na so my interest has shifted to badminton. Pero I still love watching the games on TV. ^^

  6. sharapova's outfit led to her defeat, di cguro comfy. hehe

    nevertheless, for sure they are paid fortune to wear these. :D

  7. @freeze

    hehehe it's not in her costume.
    she hasn't been playing well lately.
    her ground strokes are not as consistent anymore :(


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