Thursday, November 29, 2012

Philippine Passport Renewat at DFA Davao (Mindanao)

Your passport to the World - DFA Mindanao Campaign
 After my epic trip to JinShanLing Great Wall, I realized that my Philippine Passport was about to expire.  Bear in mind that the immigration offices abroad will not allow you to enter their country if your passport is about to expire in 6 months.  Philippine immigration officers also check this and you won't be allowed to leave the country as well - this is for your own convenience.  That's why it's important to check when your passport expires and it's important to renew it ahead of time so you are ready to travel anytime.  Planning ahead will save you some money as well.

I was extremely happy to know that The Department of Foreign Affairs Mindanao has moved out from it's old office in Jacinto st., and has now moved in SM City Ecoland.  The whole 3rd floor of SM City Davao which used to house the different telecom and electronic shops is now the new office of DFA Mindanao.  It's a big improvement from their old office aesthetic-wise.

How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in DFA Mindanao


According to DFA Mindanao, the basic requirements for a passport renewal are the following documents:
  • Personal appearance 
  • Duly-accomplished passport application form
  • Passport for renewal (Photocopy of the first and last page)
  • Identification card (Government issued / valid ID)
  • No need to bring a passport-sized picture ID
Note however that the passport officer may require additional documents during the interview.  In my case, they didn't ask for anything else.  For some, they might ask a copy of your Birth Certificate printed in NSO Security Paper.  

For other requirements that may be required from you, especially if you're still using a Green or older passport, visit this site (DFA) for a list of requirements.

If you're applying for a new passport, this is not the post for you.  Go here instead.

1. To save some time during your renewal application, download and fill up the E-Passport Application Form from the DFA Website (click this link), and photocopy the first and last page of your existing passport before going to DFA Mindanao.  If the link is no longer active, search for it here.
DFA Mindanao in SM City Davao ... Window 2 on the right. 

2. In Mindanao, unlike the DFA in Manila, there is no advance appointment system.  Upon arriving at the office, proceed to Office / Window no. 2 Information Center.  It's the window beside the LCD that displays the priority numbers.  Show your passport, the filled-up application form, and the photocopies of your passport to the information officer to get a priority number.  

In case you weren't able to get a copy of the application form beforehand, application forms are also handed out by the guard in this area.  There is also a photocopying section inside window 2 in case you didn't photocopy your passport beforehand.    
Photocopy and Notarial Section in Office 2 - DFA Mindanao

Your priority number will be stapled to your application form.  Once you have your priority number already, wait for it to be flashed on the LCD TV.  
DFA Mindanao electronically generated Priority Number
According to the information officer, special priority numbers are given only to Senior Citizens and children applicants.  Applying with a travel agency will take the same time as applying for it by yourself.  Only advantage would probably be in the preparation of the documents and queueing to get a priority number. There are NO MORE FIXERS! Hurray!  Here's the DFA Anti-Fixer Campaign.  Report them if you see any.
DFA Anti Fixer Campaign

In case Office no. 2 is full, you may have to wait outside for your turn.  Go back and wait inside the office once your number is close enough (about 10 numbers away).  Don't worry, numbers are called sequentially in this area.
The whole 3rd floor is the extended Waiting Lounge - DFA Mindanao
LCD Screen showing Priority Numbers and which counter to go to - DFA Mindanao.

When your number is about to be called, prepare both original and photocopies of your documents to show to the officer.  This will speed up checking and verification of files by the officer which will speed up your application as well.
Office 2 - The Processing Area - prepare your original and photocopies ready to show to the officers for faster processing.

3. After the officer has checked your documents, your old passport will now be punched.  Any unused visa in it will still be valid but you won't be able to use that passport for travel anymore.  Note that the renewal process takes 15 or 25 working days.  If you have a scheduled trip within those dates, don't renew your passport just yet. 
Punched old passport invalidating it for travel - make sure you don't have any scheduled trips in the month to come before renewing.

All original documents will be returned to you.  You will then be asked to go to the CASHIER to pay for the processing fee.  The cashier is to the right of the processing window.  The fee is 950 pesos for regular (25 working days) and 1,200 pesos for express (15 working days).  The date on when you can claim your new passport is shown in this poster by the information center.
Fees and Release Date are conveniently posted at the Information booth - DFA Mindanao.

The Cahier - just to the right of the Processing area (Office 2)

At the cashier, pay for the processing fee and get your receipt.  Safe keep the receipt as this will serve as your claim stub.  The date and time on when you should go back to get your passport is also shown on the receipt.
DFA Receipt with passport release date and time - DFA Mindanao.

4.  After paying, proceed to the Encoding Office (No. 3).  It's just to the right of the Cashier as well.  Here you need to pay attention at the number being flashed in the LCD screen.  Numbers this time are NOT called sequentially.  The numbers are called based on how fast your documents were verified and how fast you were able to pay at the cashier.  
Encoding section - Office no. 3 with it's own LCD screen for Priority Numbers - Numbers are not called sequentially! DFA Mindanao.

In this section, the encoder will take your picture.  Smiling is normally not allowed in passport pictures but as Filipinos, it is inherent in us to smile.  (Probably even a little awkward not to, right?)  So I asked the encoder if I'm allowed to smile and she agreed as long as I don't show any teeth.  Better practice smiling without showing your teeth! (^o^)/

You will also be asked to sign your signature electronically.
Encoder and Applicant - double checking that the details are correct.  At this time, it is usual for the encoder to call out the next number already.  Hand over your application form even while somebody is still seated in front of her.  This will give her a headstart in encoding your data.

After encoding, the officer will show you a printout of the details she encoded in the system.  Double check that the entries are correct especially the spelling of your name.  Once done, return the copy to the encoder and she'll send you off in a while.  

5. On the day of your new passport's release date, go directly to window/office no. 4 (Authentication and Releasing).  If there are not that many people inside the guard will allow you to go in.  Proceed to the counters right away and drop your receipt in a box located in the middle of the 2 officers (it's covered by the security guard in the picture).  In case the office is full, the guard will ask you to line up outside, and he'll collect the receipts and drop it off for you.
Office no. 4 - Releasing (right side).  Drop your receipt at the box in between the officers (where the security guard is).

Wait for your name to be called to get your new passport!

DFA Mindanao is open from 10am to 7pm.  The information officer recommends for applicants to go around 2 to 3 pm to get your priority number.  While they don't close until 7pm, I believe they stopped handing out priority numbers as early as 5:30pm.  I guess they do limit the number of applicants near closing time.  If you have further inquiries, you may contact them directly or at +63-82-285-4885.

That's it! All new passports are still maroon colored, the only difference compared to the Machine-readable passports is the presence of the "chip" sign on the bottom indicating that this is an e-passport.  
Philippine ePassport Design

Now that you have your passport to the world, it's time to go out and enjoy the world! Go go go!

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  1. Just what I've been looking for, complete info regarding renewal of passport. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Thanks for this post Steph. Karon pako kabalo na nagbalhin na diay sila sa SM :)

    1. Hahaha ^^ alexa blog hop lang man ni rovs, hihihi ^^
      You're welcome. hope it helps you when you go renew your passport.

  3. Very detailed. This is such a big help. Thank You :)

    1. You're welcome Mira. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you get your passport soon.

  4. Do you happen to know kung pwede iba mag claim? or what are things to do? Thanks...

    1. Hi Kristen,

      Pwede. Eto yung nakalagay sa application form:

      1.) Only immediate family members are allowed to get the passport in behalf of the applicant. Immediate family members include
      father, mother, brother, sister, spouse and children of legal age.

      2.)Passport shall be released to an immediate family member only with proper authorization letter. Passport of a minor
      applicant shall be released to parents only or to an authorized representative with Special Power of Attorney & Affidavit
      of Support and Consent

      Para matiyak kung ano talaga kailangan, tawagan niyo nalang po ang DFA or e-email niyo po.


  5. hi,ask ko lang po if until now no appointment system dyan sa davao dfa?..thanks..

    1. hi,

      call or email them nalang po para maka sigurado pero sa tingin ko hindi nila babaguhin ang system kasi nag invest na sila for the queueing system using priority numbers.


    2. Thank you po...i hope di na magbago..

      God bless..

  6. hi po ask q lng ilan days po ba ang pinakamabilis na ma release ang passport if mag apply slmt.god bless

    1. Please see reply below.
      15 days po ang fastest sa DFA Davao.

  7. 15days lng po ba ang pinakamabilis na processing ng passport sa dfa dvo?wala po ba 7working days....?

    1. Yes 15 working days na yung pinakamabilis.

      If your passport is expiring in the next 6 months and you need to leave the country soon, you can apply for an EXTENSION of your current passport para pwede ka pa rin makalabas ng bansa.

  8. Sobrang lakng tulong ng blog na to sa aking mrs. Galing pa cya davao oriental hindi alam na lumipat na pla sa sm ang DFA .. search cya ngaun sa internet .. wow sakto.. itong blog ang napasukan.. sobrang pasalamat nya sa iyo Sun Jun .. sobrang laking tulong talaga detalyado lahat. Thank you thank you talaga

    1. walang anuman phNetsolutions.
      yan ang hangarin ng blog na ito. salamat din sa pag post ng comment nakaka.enganyo magsulat pa ng magsulat ng articles tulad nito.

  9. Hi Sun Jun!

    May i know if a minor at 8 y.o below needs personal appearance for renewal?


    1. Hi Joel,

      Sa pagkakaalam ko po ay kailangan pa rin po pumunta ng bata kasi po dun naman po kukunan ng letrato para sa passport. Same day processing naman po lahat.

      Para makasigurado tawagan nalang po o mag email sa DFA. nasa post po ang contact details.

      Eto po yung requirements for minors na nakalagay sa DFA site:

  10. Salamat kaau kuya! Big help jud. :)

  11. Hi! Thanks for this. Malaking tulong talaga. God bless.

  12. Ahmm mg renew unta ko saakong passport nya 17 pko! Mao ra gyapon ba ang requirements ug bayronon? Ask lng po

  13. Sir tanong ko lng po yung passport ko ngexpire last March, pwd pa po ba marenew this month?

    1. Hi Aspire Beans,

      sa pagkakaalam ko po pwede pa po. Tumawag nalang po ng direkta sa DFA Davao para po makasigurado kung meron pong karagdagang requirements. Happy New year!

  14. H sir ask ko lang po regarding on valid id's.Pano po kunbg wala ako any other id's except i got 2 older passports and one that i am using right now.My passport will expire next year of Nov.2014.Puede napo kaya na yun na lang present ko as id? i could not barely recall what did i presented last time i renewed my passport.Hope i could get the answer from you soon.Thank you po and God bless!

    1. Hi Corazon,

      Happy New Year!

      Sa palagay ko po pwede na po kahit old passport lang po dala ninyo. Para po makasigurado tumawag nalang po sa DFA Davao hotline. Nasa itaas po yung contact no. nila.


  15. hi sir,ask lng po kc 11 month p po valid ang passport ererenew ko n sana kc 15mos vlidity req s company ung about s extension ilang days p ba bgo mkuha tska how much ang babayaran? Tnx

    1. Hi Jer,

      Hindi ko po alam gaano katagal ang extension pero sa pagkakaalam ko eto po ay para lang sa passports with less than 6 months validity na. Pakitawagan nalang po ang DFA direkta para makasigurado.

      Kung may oras ka pa, mas mainam ng mag renew nalang ng passport. Pwede na po ipa renew ang passport na 11 months valid nalang. Hindi po kailangan mag antay na 6 months nalang natitira bago mag renew.

      Sana makatulong ito sa iyo. Good luck.

  16. hi po.. ask ko lang kasi last 2012 pa po tong post nyo.. now 2014 may appointment system naba dyan sa davao? or ganun pa din po ba na pwede deretso na pumunta na mag renew.?! THANK YOU..

    1. hello po.
      tawagan niyo nalang po para maka sigurado. salamat.

  17. Good Day po:
    Tatanong ko lng po if 15days po ba talaga ang pinaka rush na renewal?wla po bhang 7days?or 10days?at mgkano po kaya ang bayad ng rush?

    1. sapagkakaalam ko yan na po ang rush processing kapag sa DFA Davao kayo nagparenew. Mas mabilis po ng ilang days sa Manila. Kaso ngayon may back log po ata ang DFA.

  18. GREAT...thank you so much.

  19. Ask ko lng bakit 2-3pm ang recommendation ng pagkuha ng priority number?. for next day ba ito na priority #? tnx

    1. Hindi po. same day processing po.
      Yun po ang sabi ng information officer kasi madami daw pumupunta sa umaga. mas kumukonti ang tao sa hapon. Pero kung ako po tatanungin niyo pwede po kayong maubusan ng number kapag marami ang mas maaga po sa inyo. so mas maganda na po na agahan niyo na rin po. Pasyal nalang muna sa mall kapag matagal pa ang number niyo :-)

  20. Kailan kaya babalik ang express renewal sa DFA Davao?

    1. No idea po. Kahit sa manila po delayed at may back log. So kahit express po parang hindi rin express.

  21. Hi friend Sun Jun,

    Tanong ko lang po. totoo ba na october 2014 pa ang dfa magrerelease ng passports? May friend kasi ako scheduled for release passport nya last August 28, 2014, kaso sabi ng DFA ocotber 2014 pa raw u have any idea about this issue? thanks in advance.

    1. Hi!

      Nung nagparenew ako sa Manila sa DFA Aseana hindi naman po umabot ng isang buwan mga 15 days po. Pero eto po ay nung
      June pa po. Maari pong nagkaroon ng backlog at maslalong nadelay po ang processing.

      Saan po nag.apply yung friend nyo? Kung sa Davao po expect po na mas matagal kesa sa manila. Sa manila po kasi pinaprocess lahat. Kaya kung may backlog sa Manila apektado po lahat ng DFA nationwide.

  22. tanong ko po kasi nawala po yung resebo ko, kilangan po ba talaga yon para maclaim ang passport..ano po dapat gawin?....salamat po

    1. yun po kasi yung katibayan na nag.apply at nagbayad na po kayo at may schedule na po for pick up ng passport.

      tumawag nalang po kayo sa DFA kung saan kayo nag apply para malaman niyo po kung ano dapat gawin.

      malamang makukuha niyo pa rin naman po. huwag matakot tumawag at magtanong. hindi po kayo pagagalitan.


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