Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yema Heaven!

One of my childhood favorites would have to be YEMA!  With the help of our office secretary, I remember trying to make one before with just evaporated milk!  We simply reduced the evaporated milk in low fire until it was the same consistency as Yema.  After removing it from the heat, you can then add chopped peanuts to enhance the taste.  This recipe was good but it wasn't like the ones being sold in the stores.   

Yema used to be just shaped into balls.  Now, they have YEMA TOWERS! This is the Yema that I want.  Crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.  Never mind the yema balls that are like Pastillas de Leche, they are not as exciting to eat as these!  Got these for 7 pesos each at a 7-11 Convenient Store.  Cheap heaven!  

Anybody with a good Yema recipe, please share! And while you're at it, if you can figure out how they shaped these into towers, let me in on the secret!  

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  1. i have! tsk :) used to make our in triangles. pinipisil lang yan para maging tower, maybe not that perfectly looking :)

  2. where naman? don't feel like sharing? hahaha

  3. haha i'll post it IF I find it. tsk!

  4. what's with all the TSK TSK TSK? ;-)

    This will be one of my projects for the 2nd quarter. TSK.

  5. hahaha oops sorry, my sister gets irritated with that. just a naughty chuckle (and not to mean an expression of disapproval) coz i'm not sure if i could share it.

    but hey, i found it! see my blog.

  6. hi sun jun,

    did you happen to find any recipe for the tower yema in 711? :D addicted na ata ako dun. i bumped into your site while finding one. . .

    1. Hi meeyeow!

      I remember making one back when I was still in high school. we only used condensed milk. you just heat it until it thickens. you have to stir often though so it won't burn. then add crushed peanut in the end. it's still the closest i remember to these Tower Yema. Unfortunately, I still don't know how to make them this tall. they must have a special mold or something.

      Try it with your favorite condensed milk. ^^

      I recently bought a batch of Tower yema's but they didn't taste the same anymore. The crunchy outer layer is gone. I'm experimenting to see whether leaving it in the room or inside the ref for days will harden the outer layer.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Market market grocery sells tower yema, 140p for 21 pcs

    1. Thanks for the info.

      That's reasonably priced! wow! In Davao, a box of 15s is already at 100 pesos.

  8. Found this website online. Pls post if you try the 2nd yema recipe. I made the first one and it was good but gooey, not crispy on the outside. It was like eating those caramel squares in the candy section. I'm wondering if the 2nd recipe is the crispy one.

    1. just looking at the recipe, you'll know it's a different kind of yema. the 2nd recipe is yema coated with caramel. yes, the outer layer will be hard but not because of the yema but because of the caramelized sugar coating. not the same. hehehe

      the first one is worth a try i think ^^ you can do without the langka and peanuts.


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