Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iberian Chicken (Pollo Iberico) Recipe

My sister found this Iberian Chicken recipe online (heart 2 heart) and asked me to try it.  The picture looks perfect but in reality, I made it too salty for my parent's taste! hehehe (^o^)/  Nevertheless, it was a big hit during dinner time.  (Big hit equates to having only the bones and some of the potatoes left after dinner!)  Why don't you try it this weekend.  Just in time for Father's day.

Here's the Iberian Chicken recipe:
(I changed the original recipe a bit.)

   1 pc. whole chicken (1.0 ~ 1.5 kilo)  clean very well and pat dry
   2 tbsp. whole fresh peppercorn, ground
   2 heads garlic, peeled and pounded
   1 Tbspn rock salt
   8 to 10 pcs. Calamansi  or the juice of 1/2 lemon
   6 pcs. lemon grass, white parts only, pounded
   1 pc. chicken cube dissolved in 1 cup boiled water or
          1 Tbspn Chicken Powder dissolved in 1 cup water
   3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
   3 to 4 pcs. potatoes, peeled and half if needed
   1.)  Rub the chicken all over with the ROCK SALT and PEPPER.  
         Remember that you can always add salt later on.  If you don't want 
         it too salty, don't rub that much at this point.  The original recipe 
         used 2 tablespoon rock salt.  I'm changing this to 1 tablespoon.
   2.) Rub with calamansi juice, making sure to rub the inside cavity.
        Or you can use the juice of half a lemon.  If you're using lemon, use 
        the lemon zest as well.  Using lemon will produce a more fragrant
        dish.  I don't think they have calamansi in Spain as well.
        hehehe (^o^)/  Go easy on the lemon as well.  Too much can make
        the sauce very sour.
   3.)  Insert the lemongrass into the cavity, together with some garlic.

   4.)  Pour the chicken cube/hot water mixture and olive oil
         on the chicken.   You can substitute 1 Tablespoon of
         Chicken Powder for the chicken cube.  Marinate overnight in
         an oven-proof tray.  Invert chicken midway.
   5.)  Preheat oven to 350F (180 C).  Put peeled potatoes in the baking
         tray, as well as the rest of the garlic.  Bake. 
   6.)  Remember to baste chicken with the sauce marinade every 5
         minutes for 30 minutes or until chicken is golden brown.  Taste
         the sauce and add salt and pepper as necessary.  Cover with
         aluminum foil and bake for 2 hours until tender. Remove excess
         oil before serving.

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there.  BTW, this recipe was posted at heart2heart in time for Mother's Day. (^o^)/

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  1. Oh yeah! You might want to Truss (Tie) the chicken before roasting so that it will maintain its shape. You can use a kitchen twine (?) but at home I learned that my mom just uses a sewing thread! so that's what I used as well hehehe ^^

  2. you cooked it again siot? how was it? achi

  3. yey! finally, maka comment na jud ko. murag for the longest time, di jud ko kabalo mo comment ani imong blog ay.

    looks yummy steph, but i'm too afraid to try it. usik kaau ang whole chicken if i mess up. hehehe

  4. @achi

    no, this was the same as the last one. I only sent you the after eating picture because this was taken by my slr.


    yummy jud! and very soft kasi 2 hours ba naman g.braise. the taste is more of lemon-garlic-olive oil lang. very fragrant pero iba rin dating ng lechon manok natin so some might still prefer the lechon manok ^^

    sorry about the comment thing ... nagkaproblema ko when I changed templates. ^^ dili man gud ko html css expert hehehe. pero I'm learning ginagmay. enjoy pud hehehe

  5. @cating

    pwede man guro half chicken lang hihihi ^^ pero low rate of palpak man ni. just don't add too much salt and lemon para sigurado jud. Adjust the taste before you cover it with the foil ^^ am sure lami! mura lang gud ka nag adobo ... if the adobo sauce is good, sigurado ka lami na pud ang imo meat hehehe.


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