Monday, September 10, 2012

Where to buy Tower Yema in Davao

Eng Seng Special Tower Yema Store in Davao

In a previous post, I discovered this Special Tower Yema that reminded me of how I liked my yema back when I was a kid.  Undoubtedly, the Eng Seng Special Tower Yema has become a great addition to the pasalubong (gift) selection available in Davao for kindhearted tourists who never forget to bring home goodies for their loved ones whenever they go on a trip.

I never thought it would reach this level.  I only got a hint of it when a couple of years back, a visiting friend from Cebu bought the most sought after yema in town at a convenient store.  Now, kiosks and stalls in the airport are already selling the Yema as well.  You can basically find the yema in most convenient stores, groceries, and supermarkets.  

While it would be convenient to buy the Yema at these outlets, the best option would still be to get it from the source.  Unknown to most tourist, the Eng Seng Pasalubong Store is conveniently located at the city center.  

A box of 15 original-flavored (plain) Yema would cost 100 pesos at the pasalubong center while at the supermarket it would cost around 110 pesos.  That's a considerable saving if you plan to buy boxes of this delicious yema.  At the airport, I overheard a sales lady selling a box of 21 pieces at around 250 pesos (quite absurd).  Avoid buying at the airport whenever you can.

Where is the Eng Seng Special Tower Yema Pasalubong Store in Davao?

Map of Eng Seng Special Tower Yema Store in Davao

Eng Seng Food Products
575 E. Quirino Ave., Davao City
Tel no. +63-82-305-2263 / +63-917-717-9848
Eng Seng Pasalubong Store - Tower Yema in Davao
Note that this is one of the busiest streets in Davao.  The store doesn't have a parking area.  The safest would be to park at the Sutherland compound and just walk to the store.  It's a very short walk.  Or if you can ask someone to drive you, you can ask them to make a brief stop in front of the store.  There's also enough space just before reaching the store where you can park your car on the sidewalk.

The store is open until 9pm.  The best time to go would be after 7pm after the rush hours.  There's no traffic in Davao at night.

Aside from the delicious yema that comes in different flavors (plain, peanuts, durian!), they also sell other items like these beer nuts and glazed pili nuts.  I don't suggest you get these however, as the glazed pili nuts I bought weren't good at all.  The nuts didn't seem fresh and they weren't crunchy at all.

The recent batch of yemas that I bought also didn't have that crunchy outer layer that I crave for.  I found out however that letting it stand through time or placing it in the fridge or freezer helps solidify the outer later.  It's still not the same but it's still good. The center remains to be soft and gooey as well.

So the next time you're in Davao, why not try these delicious Tower Yema.  The durian-flavored Yema is considered part of the One Town One Product (OTOP) for Davao.

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