Saturday, September 01, 2012

Red Mango in Davao

The frozen yogurt craze might have died down already but surely, it has already created a following here in the Philippines, and I still welcome the fact that Red Mango is now in Davao!  I got acquainted to frozen yogurt tasting one of the first froyo's in the country, and that is from Yoh-gurt Froz.  

Yoh-gurt Froz for me is quite similar to Yogo which was offered first at Coffee Cat during the craze.  Unknown to many, SM actually offered a similar tasting frozen yogurt at their supermarket at a much cheaper rate!  If you taste Red Mango's frozen yogurt though, it'll have a distinct texture and flavor.  Not too creamy, not sweet, more tangy.  It's actually not a lot different from all the other frozen yogurts, after all, it's still premium frozen yogurt.  How different can it get, right?  One thing for sure though is it won't have that ice cream creaminess that White Hat and Golden Spoon are aiming for - which I actually prefer (and most people that I've taken to Red Mango say the same in fact.)

Before I forget, the best thing about RED MANGO is their presentation! When dining in, the frozen yogurt is served in a white bowl and not on paper cups.  I admit, I eat first with my eyes.

What to order in Red Mango
  • Plain Frozen Yogurt (Haven't tried any of the flavored ones, maybe I'm a purist ^^.)  

Where in Davao is Red Mango?

Red Mango Davao (1st Branch)
The Peak 2nd Level
GMall (Gaisano Mall)
J.P. Laurel Ave.
Davao City

The Peak is located at the rooftop of GMall.  Enter directly from the parking area or from inside the mall, go to the 4th floor, pass the food court, at the back there's a passageway that leads to The Peak.

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