Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newest Member of the Family

We have a new member in the family!  He helps us in our store and he keeps me company when I'm bored.  I've even made a special toy for him made out of strings and toilet paper cartons.  I play with him during lunch time when I get really sleepy and he gets really cranky and bored.  A perfect symbiotic relationship hahaha (^o^)/.  Here he is tugging at my pants urging me on to play.  

Our new pet kitten!  A stray cat who has found refuge in our store.  A lucky moment of stillness, just long enough for my new Sony Ericsson T700 to capture the moment.  I actually took this photo upside down and only inverted it using Picasa.  

Ever since he arrived, our borders from last year have all gone away.  They must be really scared of him.  Well, given the choice between tickling but "malambing" sensations and tickling but scary biting sensations in our feet, we would definitely rather go for the former.  So you'll understand what I mean better, check out this picture of our borders from last year.  Here's one of them caught in the act, taking a sip, from Papa's lucky frog water holder which is used during counting bills. (We were actually amused by some of their antics hehehe (^o^)/)


This was taken by my old toy, a Nokia N95, which I sold for a very cheap price after only two years of usage.  Anyway, it was just the free phone from Smart and in the coming months I'll be getting a new one again.  I think I'll go for Sony Ericsson this time, I just love my Sony Ericsson. ^^

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  1. eewwww! haha but it sure does serve its purpose.

  2. ayan pwede na magcomment.
    congrats sa inyong new family member :D masipag at maasahan hehe..

  3. @freeze

    yeah, and that is to wake me up every lunch time hehehe


    sorry about that. The new template is not compatible with the "embedded in post" setting. hehehe


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