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Hamburg Open Finals (Live Tennis: Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal)

Saturday web traffic has been really low. This could only be because people are taking a break or out on a saturday night or just pretending to be on a night out. hehehe ^^


Score Update: 7-5 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 Nadal wins his first Hamburg Open Title

The King of clay courts has proven his skills again beating the world's no. 1 player on clay. Last year Federer beat Nadal on this court and won the title but failed to win the French Open the following week. Hopefully he has learned enough this week to offset Nadal's game for the French Open. This may well be his year on Paris!


Roger Federer (1) meets Rafael Nadal (2) again!

It's live on Star Sports right now. I've never done a blow by blow post. (ala hoopaddict) I'll try my best ^^

Both players are currently warming up on court. Rafael Nadal beat Novac Djokovic (7-5 2-6 6-2), the 3rd seed in the semifinals. While Roger Federer beat Andreas Seppi (6-3 6-1) in the semifinals.

Head to head Nadal leads 9 to 6. At their last meeting in Monte Carlo, Federer lost 7-5 7-5.


SET 1:

- Federer starts strong with an ace right off the start and holds his serve with ease.
- Federrer breaks Nadal's serve earning break points with a magnificent backhand down the line.
- Federer holds serve despite a great fight back from Nadal.
- Rafael Nadal finally holds serve trailing Federer 3 games to 1.
- Federer holds serve! Fighting off a break point from Nadal by serving and volleying (for an instant winner) and sealing the game with an ace down the T!
- "Tactically spot on!" as one commentator put it. Federer wins the 1st two points driving a backhand down the line and coming in to the net, killing the volleys. Then earns triple breakpoints with a forehand winner crosscourt. Nadal then sends a forehand long the baseline giving Federer the game.
- Federer sends a forehand swinging volley long on set point! Bringing the game back to deuce! Nadal then earns a break point with a powerful forehand down the line. And Nadal capitalizes the break when Federer sent a backhand volley to the net.
- Nadal calls the trainer out for muscle tightness along his right thigh.
- Nadal with an occassional limp but not yet beaten, rallies on to hold his serve after saving a set point with an inside out forehand winner.
- Federer wins only 5 or 6 points of the last 17 points giving Nadal another break point. Nadal consolidates the break with another inside out forehand out of Federer's reach.
- We're back on serve!
- Nadal with a raging forehand taking Federer out of court to start the game. But Federer responds with a slice backhand passing shot dipping low at Nadal's forehand causing Nadal to miss the volley. Nadal squanders his first game point at 40-15 but delivers a terrific forehand down the line winning the next point to hold serve, levelling the first set to 5 all.
- "You can almost see the belief draining from Federer's face." the commentor quipts as Federer sends a backhand crosscourt long giving Nadal another break point. Federer then sends a forehand down the line wide giving Nadal the game.
- Nadal with the opportunity to wrap up the opening set with his serve earns a double set point. Federer unable to stop the rot after playing so well in the first 6 games and earning 2 set points along the way. Nadal serves down the T, Federer returns with a backhand slice long giving the first set to the King of clay courts, Rafael Nadal.


SET 2:

- Nadal opens the 2nd set strongly now leading a set and a break.
- Federer fights back earning 2 break points and capitalizing on the first to level the set at 1 all.
- The heat is ON at center court and Nadal works his way into earning double break points with a clever drop shot forcing Federer to send the reply long from the baseline. Federer then rallies back to level the game at Deuce and eventually holding his serve with superb serving, forcing his way back into the match! ^^
- The tide seems to be turning again as Federer unleashes a powerful backhand down the line to win the first point of the game and then rallying on to earn double break points. In a gruelling rally, with a Federer fan shrieking in the middle of the point thinking Federer has won the point and the game, Federer stayed aggressive to seal the break.
- Federer on a roll! Holding serve to love, consolidating his break, to lead 4-1 in the second set.
- Nadal struggles but still manages to hold serve.
- Federer musters the courage to come in more often, winning 9 out of 12 times he's ventured to the net for this set so far earning him a game point at 40-30 producing a lovely touch volley. Then served well to hold his game bringing him a game short to winning the set.
- Federer does a good job keeping his backhand return down the line to Nadal's backhand but Nadal serves well to hold his serve. Federer now serving for the set again.
- (15-30) the score favoring Nadal after a brilliant forehand passing shot. (15-40) as Federer sends an inside out forehand long and wide. Federer misses his first serve at break point but this time made no mistake with the inside out forehand to bring the score to (30-40). Federer forays again to the net smashing the overhead bringing the game level to Deuce.
- In just a blink of an eye, it was Advantage to Nadal. And in a flash, Nadal passes Federer with a backhand crosscourt giving him the break.
- Nadal looking to hold serve to level the game at 5 games all. The score is tied at 15 all as Federer sends a backhand return to the net.
- Federer sends another forehand long. Nadal produces a winner. Federer sends another forehand long giving Nadal the game.
- Federer tries his luck by coming into the net but Nadal was ready for him this time, producing powerful passing shots that Federer couldn't handle. The next point is as exciting! Nadal drops, Federer counter drops, Nadal counter drops again sending the ball behind Federer's backhand but Federer manages to return it back! Nadal was ready for it though volleying the ball to the open court, giving him 3 break points!
- Federer produces 3 amazing service winners to bring the game back to deuce! Pushing himself harder to earn a game point and then volleys superbly to win him the game! whew!
- 6 all! Tie break!
- First 2 points goes to Nadal producing powerful inside out forehands making Federer scramble for the ball.
- Federer producing thundering forehands of his own to win the next 3 points!
- Nadal sends a forehand long, giving Federer the lead at the change of ends.
- Federer winner! Federer Volleys! Nadal was there to make the down the line pass.
- 3 set points to Federer. Nadal nets his first serve! Goes to Federer's backhand on the second serve. Federer moves forward attacking the serve delivering a backhand down the line. Nadal couldn't handle the depth and pace of the Federer backhand sending his return to the net, giving the game and the set to the FedEx, Roger Federer.


SET 3:

- Nadal holds serve to lead 1-0.
- Nadal starts aggressively in the next game winning the first 2 points but Federer wins the next four to hold his serve.
- Nadal with a jumping backhand shot! to win the first point in his serve.
- Federer with a running forehand crosscourt passing shot to even the game at 15-15 all! whew!
I need some water!
- Nadal moves Federer from corner to corner and holds serve to lead 2 games to 1.
- Nadal and Federrer are the only 2 players to reach the finals of 8 different master's series tournament!
- Nadal breaks!
- Federer miss firing when attempting to pull the trigger and Nadal wins 8 of the last 10 points to hold serve with ease. If Nadal wins, this will be his first Hamburg Open title.
- Federer returns an overhead shot from Rafael Nadal twice druing the game. Hits the line of a forehand drive. Comes up the line with the backhand drive and kills the volley to stay on the game. Nadal heavy-handed on a drop volley giving Federer the opportunity for the pass. Federer makes the pass and then volleys again on the next point to hold serve and stay in the match! Go Federer!
- Federer needs to find a way to break the Nadal serve. And he looks to be doing just that as he wins the first 2 points in Nadal's service game. But Nadal weathers the storm to bring the game back even at 30 all. Federer now attacking the Nadal forehand at crucial points, giving him a break point. But Nadal stays strong hitting those super forehands after another bringing the game back to Deuce. Federer misses a backhand to the open court and then misses a forehand volley to give Nadal the game.
- "Perfect!" quips the commentator as Federer holds serve to stay alive in the match.
- Nadal wins the first point with the help of the net. Lady luck is on his side. Federer misses the return on the second. Nadal produces a wonderful crosscourt passing shot giving him 3 match points.
- He kneels to the ground as he hits a backhand crosscourt winner out of Federer's reach! Winning his 21st title on clay, avenging his lost to Federer last year on the same court.

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  1. hahaha ka kuyaw.. blow by blow report dah!

  2. yup yup ^^
    tried my best. buti hindi boring ang match pero i was losing energy at the end kasi natatalo na bet ko hehehe ^^

  3. Congrats, Great Job :D

  4. thanks hoop!

    too bad I wasn't able to do the same for the French Open Final!
    But seeing the news on who won and the score, I would have been really disappointed. :(

    It's UAAP season already!
    La salle won in overtime against Ateneo, you must be delighted ^^


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