Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going Green!

The only green thing in me is my mind!  So I realized it's about time to incorporate more green in me, specifically in my diet! And I'm not just talking about eating more vegetables but actually eating them RAW as well!  I do this by creating Green Smoothies

Surprisingly, the Green smoothies are sweet and very palatable.  I guess it helped that I added fruits and started out with green vegetables that are not bitter at all.  To make your green smoothie, just blend 60% green leafy vegetables with 40% fruit and a little water to help the blending process.  I started with a mixture of Petchay and Kangkong mixed with a little Papaya and Banana - copying the recipe of Monica from the FLOW Surf Yoga Samba weekend (FLOW Facebook page here).  I can't wait to move on to more hardcore stuff like Moringana (Malunggay), Wheatgrass, and Arugula!      

For other Green Smoothie questions, check out this Green Smoothie Q&A page from RAW FAMILY.  From the site I learned that Chlorophyll, which is the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis in plants, has the closest molecular structure to human blood!  By that simple fact, it's suppose to be really good for us as well.  For this simple reason, a lot of health conscious individuals are already eating more greens.  I invite you to try one and join the club now! 

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  1. wow step!! going healthy talaga! hehehe :D

  2. hahaha ^^ well, trying to anyway. para maka-kain pa rin ng lechon, cakes, chocolates and other goodies!

    try it! lami lagi!

  3. very intriguing. people eat salads with raw leafy stuffs on it, so why not eat on a smoothie form?!

  4. yup! the advantage is you can finish all of it in one gulp! hahaha pero really, it's good. I already drank 3 batches. two with papaya and banana. one with mango and banana ^^

  5. for years, i was never sold to this idea by my mom, but too many of you swears by it!

    i love aragula, that should be interesting. any other tasty recipe? I'll make my mama proud. hahaha

  6. This is the only one I've tried so far. Anything with banana should be good. the kangkong by itself is also sweet, i think


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