Monday, May 16, 2011

Ocean Minded Flip Flops

Ocean Minded DURBO Flip-flops
I thought I'd contribute a little to help the environment.

On a recent Surfing Yoga Samba trip with FLOW, I received a gift certificate entitling me to a pair of Ocean Minded Flip Flops.  I've never heard of this brand so I wasn't really that excited to claim it but as soon as I got my pair of Ocean Minded Durbo flip flops, I loved them!  Not only because they were so comfortable to wear but most especially because of the company's concern for saving the environment.

The pair I got is world champion surfer Bede Durbidge's signature sandal.  It is called the Durbo after his nickname.  The strap is made from PU Nubuck.  It features a nylon toe post made from recycled plastic bottles.  And the footbed and outsole are made from recycled Croslite material.  In short, it's made mostly out of recycled materials!  

Bede Durbidge -

For every pair that you get, a portion of your purchase price is also donated to the Surfrider Foundation.  It is a non-profit grassroots organization that is dedicated to the protection of the world's oceans, beaches, and waves through conservation, activism, research and education.    

Here's a simple message from Gary Ward, President and Founder of Ocean Minded:

That simple idea is the basis for our company.  We make top quality sandals with unbeatable comfort, while utilizing natural and sustainable materials whenever possible.  We are based in San Clemente, California and out crew strives to protect the Earth's most precious resources, the oceans, lakes, and streams.  Ocean Minded encourages you to pick up 10 pieces of trash the next time you head out to your favorite place, whether it be the beach, lake, or mountains.  That place will then be much nicer for the next person who comes to use it.  

So the next time you are looking for a pair of flip-flops, consider getting a pair of Ocean Minded sandals and help the environment in the process.  These are available in Rudy Project outlets.

Thank you to FLOW and Rudy Project for my pair of Ocean Minded flip-flops! 

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