Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Chocolate Buffet Experience

If there's one thing I wouldn't want to live without in this world, no doubt, it would be CHOCOLATE!  I've been munching on chocolates ever since I can remember to the point that now when I eat too much, my nose bleeds.  I call it my body's allergic reaction to chocolates.  It's how my body warns me that I've had too much already.  It's a sad thing to have but I'm still thankful that my body still allows me to have this guilty pleasure unlike other known allergies there is.   

And so when I heard that we were staying in The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, browsing their site revealed that one can have the ultimate chocolate experience at THE CHOCOLATE BAR.  A restaurant at the top of Marina Bay Sands offering a buffet spread of 57 chocolate-themed desserts!  Right away, we put that on our To-Do list.  Just thinking about it already takes my imagination to heavenly places.  I thought after this experience, my life would be semi-complete and I can readily die. Might have exaggerated a bit there, and literally, after trying out the buffet, I really felt like dying!    

Here's what I would recommend you try in the buffet spread.

Chocolate Fondant
This cake is better known as the Lava Cake in our side of the globe.  Warm chocolate oozes out from the center of the cake making this dessert rich, creamy, and extra special.

Cheesecake Lollipops
Creamy Cheesecake filling covered with White Chocolate on a stick! Attractively sweet and playful.

67% Chocolate with Sauternes French Dessert Wine and
72% Chocolate with Cockburn Port Wine
Dark chocolate with a burst of fragrant dessert wines perfect for dark chocolate lovers.

Steamed Chocolate "Creme" Banana Chutney
Chocolate steamed with banana leaves and paired with Banana chutney.  A great way to start your buffet experience because the chocolate is quite light and Bananas always go well with chocolate.

Rosemary Milk Chocolate Cappuccino
Rosemary infused foam layered with a rich milk chocolate mousse.  Something unique to try as recommended by their website.  I would prefer it to be served warm.

French Macarons (Macaroons)!
Crunchy bite-size pieces with just the right amount of sweetness and available in three different unique flavors! (Balsamic Macaroons, Pear-Walnut Macaroons,  and Elderflower Macaroons)

Chocolate Fondue
It would be a sin to miss this section!  Candied nuts and fruits with a rich chocolate dipping sauce.  Never fails to impress.

Chocolate Covered Nuts
Simply yummy!  White chocolate pistachios, Orange Dark Chocolate Macadamias, Dark Chocolate Almonds, and Milk Chocolate peanuts!  I wanted to take home a bag of these goodies! 

Chocolate Pistachio and Cherries

After Eight
Light chocolate mousse infused with Mint!  One of my favorite combinations. 

Out of the 57 creations, I was able to try 22!  Not bad, right?  I wouldn't recommend that you follow my footsteps though.  I just realized that chocolate is not meant to be eaten this way.  A good chocolate is best eaten slowly and in small quantities.  It needs to be SAVORED and not DEVOURED.  Hahaha (^o^)v  I literally almost died that night.  I had to sleep propped up to prevent myself from throwing up.     

When you get your chance on a chocolate buffet experience, just choose the best 5 to 10 creations that you would like to try.  Ask the crew for the bestsellers and for those items that are not on display like the Chocolate Fondant and Ice Cream.  Forgo overly inspired creations like chocolates with Tomato, Black pepper, and Green Tea.  They are likely not to taste that great.  Try only one and save the rest for your next visit.  Forgo under inspired creations like Donuts, cookies, and Chocolate Hazelnut spreads.  Do try your childhood favorites like chocolate covered nuts and marshmallows!       

The staff said that they use only the finest chocolate available - Valhrona from France.  It's a good thing also that the restaurant doesn't have a No Leftover Policy.  You can try the creations and just leave them if you don't like the taste.  However, let's not be wasteful please.  Just get and try what you can finish.  Policy or no policy, leftovers are always discouraged.

I can understand the feeling to make "SULIT" the buffet experience.  That's very Filipino.  Instead of eating until you die, why not bring a zip lock bag instead and shove in those chocolate covered nuts from time to time. hahaha (^o^)v  Just jokingly recommending this of course.  Like I said, I wanted to take these goodies home!

Another good thing about the Chocolate Bar is that it's located at the SKY PARK.  Aside from the rich and indulgent treats, you also get treated to the wonderful Marina Bay area skyline.   

The Club at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Sky Park (Tower 2)
38 SGD++ per person
Available from 8pm onwards.

Always remember that anything in excess is not a good thing! Take your time and SAVOR good chocolate just like how you'd like to go through your own LIFE.

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  1. i wanna try this:) galaway ko nagtanaw sa choc. hehe. pila ang ++ sa 38 steph?:)

  2. Hi Ting!

    dili ko ka sure pero dili masobra ug 45 SGD ata. ^^ ana sila sa Fullerton Hotel daw ang original nga chocolate buffet ^^ sana makasabay ta ug adto next time. heheh

  3. ay no? cge go! tell me when ur in sg and we can go:D

  4. aw naa naka diha ting? sige sige ^^
    balik napud d.ay ka diha? ^^

  5. wow ..! Nice Article, so interesting you must always update ..

    Maybe U can Visit My web too there is more info about travel ..

    thanks Before .. :)

  6. What a great experience! I am so jealous, but I can't really indulge on chocolate that much! I gag on too much 'sweets'. I usually prefer the good old plain dark chocolate and let it melt in my mouth.

  7. yeah, dapat choose only the ones you like and concentrate on enjoying those. hehehe ^^ and yeah, plain chocolate bars are still the best ^^

  8. oh my, this is heavenly sinful! :)

  9. yep, naa na intawn. hehe.

    ingna ko when you're gere ha. wanna do a resto review with you;)


  10. yey! that's great news ting. pangitaon jud tika ^^


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