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Gourmet Singapore (Part 1)

Believe it or not, tourists actually look forward to eating gourmet food in Singapore!  When you've been to all the attractions and have seen all the sites, what can keep you going back for more is the variety of gourmet dishes available in the city!  From the budget-friendly hawker places to Celebrity Chef restaurants, Singapore has got it all!  If you're a foodie and have lots of cash to burn, then Singapore might just be the place for you.    

In my recent trip to Singapore, I got to check out the following places:

DB BISTRO MODERNE by Daniel Boulud
Marina Bay Sands Hotel

One of the celebrity chef restaurants inside Marina Bay Sands!  Daniel Boulud is a french chef that has been awarded the Michelin Star.  I don't exactly know what that is but by the way chefs talk about it, it seems like the most prestigious award a chef can receive. hehehe (^o^)/ 

We tried the POTATO GNOCCHI (26 SGD) and THE ORIGINAL db BURGER (38 SGD).  We ordered the Potato Gnocchi out of my curiosity to try a gnocchi.  As it turns out, it's just like sticky rice balls or dumplings.  The Asparagus sauce was perfectly seasoned!  I liked it but the texture of the gnocchi might not be for everyone.  The stickiness can be off putting for some, like my companion.  It'll remind you of eating Guinataan.    

THE ORIGINAL db BURGER was a Sirloin burger filled with Braised Short Ribs and Foie Gras!  It was also served on a Parmesan Bun and accompanied by French Fries.  Simply put, it was delicious!  Made even more exceptional by the accompanying sauces of Blue Cheese, Tomato, and Wasabi Mayo.  

Bring your date to this restaurant to impress her! (^o-)v

Resorts World, Sentosa Island.

This restaurant is actually a collaboration between four big names in the restaurant industry: Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant, The Seafood International Market and Restaurant, Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant, and JUMBO seafood restaurant.  

Among the well-known dishes associated with Singapore are the Chilly Crab and Cereal Prawns.  If you have problems with how much sauce there is in a Chilly Crab dish, you might want to try instead the Black Pepper Crab or the White Pepper Crab.  We ordered the White Pepper Crab (47 SGD for 900 grams) which the waiter said was less spicy compared to the Black Pepper Crab.  And the waiter was absolutely right!  The dish just offered the right amount of spiciness and the aroma from the white pepper was delectable.  We also had the Cereal Prawns (22 SGD).   It was good but maybe a little sweet for my taste.  If you prefer sweet dishes, then you will like this.    

A new thing we tried this time was the DEEP FRIED WHOLE SCALLOP with STUFFED  CHINESE PEAR and PLUM WINE GLAZE (20 SGD).  We were surprised to see that the dish didn't look anything like the picture in the menu!  As it turns out, the chef prepared the whole thing upside down! hahaha. Taking that mishap aside though, the dish was creamy and very yummy!  The sweet cream-based sauce made this dish easy to devour. (^o-)v  

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Rasapura Masters is the air-conditioned food court inside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  It is situated beside the Skating Rink made of synthetic ice.  The management has made it a point to serve all kinds of regional dishes from local favorites to even Filipino and Vietnamese cuisines.  Every time I'm in this city, I always look for local favorites the Laksa and Popiah!  Both are classified as Peranakan cuisines, a blend of Malay and Chinese cuisines.  

The LAKSA (~ 8 SGD) was very disappointing.  Although it looks good in the picture, the broth actually tasted bland.  It was just like hot water.  The best one I've tried is still the one I got at Sim Lim City's food court.  I heard that the best LAKSA is suppose to be KATTANG LAKSA which you can get somewhere at East Road.  I'm not really sure how to go there but I'll definitely try that the next time.

The POPIAH (~ 5 SGD) though was good!  Refreshing and very light on the stomach.  

Surprising new discoveries in this food court are the SAGO COCONUT PUDDING (2.40 SGD) and the 8 TREASURE MANGO DELIGHT (4.20 SGD) desserts!  The Sago Coconut Pudding is like a sago-fille jello with a coconut cream frosting on top!  If you love coconut then you will love this.  While the 8 TREASURE MANGO DELIGHT was a fresh mango slush topped with 8 different treasures (toppings)!  Avoid eating the Pomelo topping though as it was a bit bitter and sour and really didn't go too well with the sweet mango.

More to come ....

GARRETT POPCORN (Universal Studios Singapore)
THE EQUINOX (Swissotel The Stamford Hotel Singapore)


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