Friday, March 04, 2011

The King's Harem

After having this picture taken, the delegate from Australia came to me and excitedly said that it was a picture of me and my harem.  I didn't get what he said.  I've never heard of such a word.  For a moment there I thought he said Harlem but I really couldn't connect it with the situation so I just squeezed out an awkward laugh as if to show I understood what he said. HAHAHA   

That's the problem with hanging around with highly intellectual people!  They can sometimes be very intimidating and the level of humor can sometimes be way up high as well.  I consider myself quite well-versed but no matter how much you prepare, there will always be that situation where in whatever you know will never be enough.  So I'm sticking a note to myself in case a similar situation occurs in the future to remember not to be afraid to ask questions.  In fact, that guy from Australia, who just so happens to have the same name as me, was very friendly and accommodating.  It should not have been a problem and it would not have taken days for me to understand the word and get the joke. (^o^)/

This picture was taken at the Hall of Private Audience (Diwan-I-Khas) just beside the marble platform reserved for the King and right across the marble platform for the Prime Minister.  This is inside the Red Fort in Agra.  As you can see, the hall offers a stunning view of the Taj Mahal and the Yamuna river.  The river actually is a major reason why the Taj Mahal was built in this area.  If I remember correctly, I believe it is part of their beliefs that Mausoleums (tombs) must be built near rivers.  The river is suppose to help the soul of the deceased transcend to heaven.  I believe it's a similar reason why the Hindus spread (or dip) the ashes of their departed kins in the Ganges river.  

Well, you can't go to India and not have your picture taken with beautiful Indian women (or young girls) in their traditional attire.  It's like going to Japan and not having your picture taken with cute Japanese girls clad in their lovely Kimonos.  

Need you ask who the King is? (^o^)/   

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  1. This is a great photo!

    I don't think it's the joke that was the problem. It's the vocabulary. I have similar problems here all the time, as they don't use words that you and I are used to. Sigh! But all is well if you do ask questions and just admit that you don't get it, and then when you do get the joke, it's usually really not that funny. Another Sigh! What a waste, right?

    Hey, when did you go to India? Business or pleasure?

  2. yup, sometimes that's the case nga. We use different words. We probably tend to be more bookish cause that's where we learned how to speak english. ^^

    Went there with my sister for both business and pleasure but mostly for pleasure hehehe. Was there last Feb 24-28. super short lang. So many places to visit pa sana.

  3. and tama ka! it's usually really not that funny hehehe. so super hilaw na ang smile hahaha ^^

  4. wow naman jet setter mr briones, maski asa ka naman na padpad. i hope soon, meron ka na harem. hahahahaha. oopppsss.. no offense meant. hahahaha

  5. I'm a one woman man tang-o. I don't need a Harem ;-)

  6. wow india! kinaya naman ba ng powers mo yung amoy dun?

  7. @chepot

    ok lang actually. spices naman ang amoy at hindi mabaho.

  8. ganda! did you get inside Taj Mahal?

  9. yup. We went inside Taj Mahal as well ^^ more posts to come. ^^

  10. syet! i'm dying of envy right now! super want to go to India too.

    Laysho ka Steph. next time uban ko beh. hehehe

  11. Tara Ting!

    Let me know when you're free. si Romi gusto pud to adto. Kaso busy au to dili pa.distorbo hehehe.


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