Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Predators and Preys

Just a lovely yellow-leafed shrub that I had been successfully replanting around our garden.  It's quite easy to do as you only have to cut the stem, shave some of the outer layer to expose the white part of the stem, and then dig a hole big enough to insert it.

While I was wondering around it, I noticed a small yellow butterfly fluttering from branch to branch.  It was so hard to get a decent picture as it was constantly moving.  Well, patience definitely has its rewards.  Soon it tired out and rested on one of the branches, just long enough for me to take a snap.

Just when I was reviewing the photos I've taken and having been contented with them,  I noticed that I was inches away from an ambush!  It was then that I realized why the butterfly didn't want to rest in that part of the shrub.  Did you notice anything in the first picture above?  If you'd care to take a closer look at it, I think you'll know what I mean.

Two spiders, well camouflaged in its surroundings, have taken strategic positions on the upper right and lower left corners.  I don't really know if these spiders are working together as a team - I don't think I've heard of spiders being groupies like lions - but they certainly are in a classic ambush position.  One predator scares the prey to the opposite direction not knowing that another predator is just conveniently waiting over there.  Too much analysis on my part already, let me just show you where they are hidden. hehehe.

The world is full of predators.  And when there are predators, there will always be preys.  Each one though is blessed with their own skills and abilities enough to survive, especially us, humans.  Use yours wisely.  (^o-)v (Why can't I write without having to sound like a prophet?  My real intentions really were just for you to enjoy the pictures taken with my Lumix LX5. ENJOY!)  

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