Saturday, March 26, 2011


 "Dankeschön" is how you say "Thank you" in German.  Ich Danke Ihnen (I thank you), the people on this list for making life more colorful!

Thank you Sally for taking care of my sister and I every time I'm in Manila.  Great home cooking as always!  If you guys are wondering what the Calamansi are for - It's this new health regimen that's suppose to make your body alkaline therefore killing germs and bacteria that can make you sick!  Not to mention the vitamins you get from drinking the juice.  Just take the juice (with as much pulp as possible) of around 20 Calamansi first thing in the morning and then try not to drink or eat anything for the next hour.  Don't mix it with anything, even water, as that will make it acidic!  Credit also goes to a few friends and Bo Sanchez for introducing this regimen. 

Thank you Travel Factor for providing me the opportunity to go to Donsol, Sorsogon on a budget even on my own.  Service can still be improved but overall I'm very grateful.  And thank you to great company (Patrick, Flora, CJ, Tiff, Char, Brenda, CB, Mina, Iko, Frances, and Dan) for the fun and interesting conversations and parties (which I mostly missed ;-)). 

Thank you to our boat captain and the vice-chairman of that place in Donsol for the warm welcome and the free FRESH BUKO while waiting for the fireflies to do their thing.  Thank you Tissiana, Paula, and Leo for making that boat ride a bit more interesting that it normally would be.  Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Dive trips here in the Philippines.  And in general, thank you to the people of Donsol for the welcoming SMILES from morning 'til night.    

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  1. are you sure you're greatful to your boat captain (BIO?)? hehe

    love the spirit of being greatful even with the littlest things. attracting good vibes ey! :)

  2. the boat captain is the firefly boat captain. He gave us the free buko juice while he promoted the new attraction to be developed in the area of his barangay. ^^

    of course, I'm still thankful to the BIO. We came out alive and with no injuries after all. hehehe post to come later later later.


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