Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breakfast Dilemma

I experienced a big dilemma back at the breakfast table in our hotel in India.  No, it wasn't that the food wasn't great.  Actually, I loved the food.  No, it wasn't that the service was poor.  Actually, the service was great as well.  In fact, it was very personal.  You can even request the waiters to get the food and deliver it to your table.  And it wasn't the coffee as well.  I also enjoyed their freshly brewed coffee.  Of all things, you'd never guessed what it is.  It's this Strawberry Jam! 

Damn! I was so conflicted whether to try and eat this strawberry jam or not.  I bet it would have paired really well with the Danish breads or even just a simple toasted American bread.  Do you have any idea why I was so conflicted? Any guesses?

In the end, I never got to try it.  All I have is this souvenir photo of it.  I guess the environmentalist in me won over.  The jam was labeled as "strawberry CONSERVE!"  Bazinga! Don't you ever try eating me!  (^o^)/   

We stayed, by the way, at the CLARION COLLECTION HOTEL QUTUB.

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  1. Are you allergic to strawberries?
    I like strawberry products - jam, ice cream, etc. but not the plain fruit!

  2. Hi charm! making good on your promise to reciprocate comments ei. hehehe ^^ No, actually it was meant to be a joke. It was labeled "strawberry CONSERVE" so I thought one must conserve it and not eat it. hahaha ^^

  3. Ew! I didn't get the joke! LOL
    You should have tried it!

  4. hahaha ^^ o nga. actually the real reason why i didn't try it anymore was because I was so FULL already. hahaha. Thanks charm.


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