Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moments of Intoxication

Tonight the sky was clear and blue. I saw the stars exactly like I want them to be. Everytime, I see sky like that, it takes me back to the time I went camping by the beach in Hokkaido (Japan). I have House Friendship to thank for that lifetime memory. It was a cool autumn night by the beach. After eating Genghis Khan, mutton version of a yakiniku, we enjoyed the clear blue sky and the thousand of constellations visible that night.

It is moments of intoxication that life appears so simple and everything just falls into place like how it's meant to be. It is moments like this that reminds me that life is suppose to be simple. It is enjoying the simplicity of life that makes one happy. Ha! Bo Sanchez eat your heart out. ^^ Love is not the key to happiness, it is simplicity. And I am proud to say that I see that simplicity everyday with my dad.

I just came from a fundraiser event organized by a friend for a friend. Have you ever done one for a friend before? I am proud to say that I have. It was back when I was still working in Japan and a friend badly needed money to support his mother's dialysis treatments. My friend was a former colleague in the company I worked for. He was unfornately cut after a year. I decided to ask our japanese colleagues for donations. After all, 5,000 pesos in Japan is just worth one night of fun over gourmet food and drinks. With the help of other Filipino colleagues, we were able to raise around 90,000 pesos across Japan for our friend's mom.

I felt proud for what I've accomplished for my friend but felt dirty as well. Accomplishing such a feat somehow felt like it did more good for my ego than for my friend. I'm sure you get what I mean. Doing something good somehow does more good for our egos than for those we are trying to help.

Regardless, I salute my friend who organized tonight's fundraiser for stepping up and dedicating her time to help another friend. I realized that consitency / being consistent will erase all doubts. Even though I barely know the beneficiary, we've shared wonderful moments together and I truly love her personality. I hope she gets better and recovers soon.

In the meantime, I am happy and amazed for a friend who saw the fish flying and the sky in the pond. Check out his poem here.

To cap the night, I saw Jamie Oliver challenge one of the Iron Chefs on TV! A rare moment I would say, considering that both chefs competing are well respected in the culinary world.

Ahhh! My ears are still numb and deafened from the sounds in the bar. All along I thought my tolerance for noise was very high. It seems like age has caught up on me and my senses are not as tough as they used to be.

I am choosing to live a simple life. A lot may not get it and may think I am doing otherwise but I don't care. It is in this kind of life that I find happiness.

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