Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is a Computer Software?

Ever since I took up Computer Engineering in college, it always was a bit difficult to explain to my parents what exactly it was that I was learning and doing in school.  The situation did not change when I became a professional and worked as a software programmer.  Even now, I still don't think they're able to fully comprehend what a software is.  The problem was not only about them being technically challenged but also about me not being able to explain it to them in simple terms.  How I wish I saw this video from Common Craft before to help me out. 

Computer Software in Plain English

Hmmm ... maybe I'll let my mom watch this someday and see if she can understand it.  (^o^)/

You might want to check out this video on Saving Money in Plain English as well.  Learn how compounding interest can help you save millions for retirement. (^o^)/

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