Friday, May 22, 2009

Doubting Kris Allen: The new American Idol Winner

The American Idol 2009 winner is Kris Allen! My predictions were right and I am happy. But what is with America and all this vote naming. People are saying, probably mostly Adam Lambert fans, that Kris Allen's votes are from Christian votes / Anti-Gay votes / Gokey votes and so on. Even the Philippine Daily Inquirer article today considered the so called "Danny Gokey factor" and quoted Paula Adbul as saying "After the third one leaves, you wonder where do the votes go from that third contestant."

People seem to be forgetting the fact that voting is not compulsory! After all, voting is not free. It comes with a price (both time and money). I would think that people would only vote if they truly like the person. Why spend money on someone you don't like, right? If America is saying that American society will spend money and vote just to deliberately destroy the chances of another, well ... I don't think I really have anything further to say about that.

I think Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are two totally different artists. I believe both would excel in their own genres. Presenting them in front of a nation and asking people to vote on whom they like better is like asking people to choose between Kiss and Michael Jackson (forgive me for my analogies, I'm not very adept with music, I was gonna write Kiss and Britney Spears at first hehehe ^^). Eventually, one would immerge as a winner, but it doesn't mean that the other is less of an artist as the winner.

Kris Allen is the American Idol for 2009. He deserves to win. No doubt in my mind about it.


Although I wasn't able to follow the season in this video, it still remains as the most memorable American idol winning moment for me.

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