Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol 2009 Results

In a few hours time, the American Idol results will be out and the whole world will find out who will be competing on the American Idol Finale next week. Like the previous season, we will be seeing two boys in the finals again. I personally would have liked to see Allirson Iraheta in the finals. Unfortunately, she was voted off last week.

Everyone is excited to see who the American Idol Top 2 will be! And everyone has there own opinion on the matter. Although I watch the show, I really don't care that much, but everyone who's into internet marketing knows that "american idol" and its stars are way up there in the items most searched for in the internet. And so, I write. Here are my reviews on the Top 3 and who I think will make it to the Finals!

Adam Lambert. The "Rock God" of season 8. I don't think any true rock artist has been in American Idol Finals ever. This just goes to show that not a lot of Americans are into this kind of music. But there will always be a first for everything and Adam Lambert will be that first. The most consistent contestant this year and one of the best performers out there. See you in the finals Adam!

Danny Gokey. What can I say? I still wonder how he's made it this far. I would have chosen Allison or Matt Giraud over him! His singing just seems so effortful. I guess good looks does have its advantages. However, I don't think it will be enough to put him in the finals. The last and only song I'll remember from him is his rendition of "You are so beautiful." Now, that was beautiful. If only he sang that way every week. Goodbye Danny!

Kris Allen. By now you would have figured out that I'm voting for Kris to the American Idol Finals! Yes! He definitely deserves to be there. The only way for the finals to be competitive is for him to battle it out with Adam. Danny doesn't stand a chance against Adam. Kris Allen's acoustic style is so pleasing to the ears. Every Filipino would love him. I'm sure his album would sell better than Adam's here in the Philippines. If he wins, Paolo Santos, Nyoy Volante, Jimmy Bondoc and all other Filipino acoustic singers would be pleased for sure.

There goes my picks. Who are your American idol picks? If you don't agree with me, better change your bets right now. If you have heard me sing, you will certainly agree with me. Yes! You will agree that authority is what I don't have as I am musically challenged. hehehe (^o^)v

See you at the American Idol Finale next week! As for my fearless forecast, I believe Kris Allen will the the American Idol 2009 winner!

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  1. don't underestimate danny. in one of the results show he was safe and adam was in the bottom three :)

    ako i don't like adam that much, i think he's a bit over the top.

    go kris allen! :D

    but any of the three is okey to win for me. they are all so talented. parang sa DWTS. ok yung top three kahit sino manalo ayos! But i'm rooting for little shawn :)

  2. yeah, i agree with your comment about adam lambert. that's why I think he won't be the american idol especially if kris makes it to the finals next week! ^^

  3. I have been following AI, and there's no one like Adam! He doesn't play it safe ... so fearless and outrageous but so capable and entertaining!

    But the talent on Kris is also undeniable, and he's so cute. If Kris was on last season, he would have won over David Archuleta or even David Cook.

    Adam vs Kris - it will be very interesting!


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