Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun and Money online! Make Money Now!

Here's a fun and easy way to make money!

Mabuhay, the inflight magazine of Philippine Airlines, under their banner slogan "Make others SMILE, and EARN", is looking for Funny Signages and Travel Tales. The chosen winning entries are featured on their magazine.  For every picture of a funny signage that gets accepted, you will be paid 1,000 pesos!  For a travel tale, you will receive 500 pesos! 

Travel tales must be written in not more than 100 words and they may be anything funny or unusual -  a joke or an experience.  Funny Signages are photos of amusing signages, menus, etc, such as the picture below which was submitted by Alvin Lim from General Santos City.

All entries must be original.

Submit entries to East Gate Publishing by emailing them to info[at]

Earning money has never been this easy!  I pesonally submitted a picture last month and it has been chosen to be published on their June issue!  I will be receiving my paycheck by July.  The next time you go out, don't forget to bring your camera.  Who knows!  You might just pass by a 1,000 peso picture perfect signage along the way.

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  1. that's it? does it have to be hi-res? galing! i have something to submit. hehe

  2. Yes, very easy.
    No, doesn't have to be Hi-res.
    I think they would prefer 300 dpi but
    they accept any resolution, I think.
    What I submitted was 1240 x 800(?) ata.
    Resized the pic using picasa, i thought
    they would just ask for hi-res if they
    decide to print it. Apparently, what i
    submitted was already acceptable.

  3. Hi Knight Roy!

    Last time I saw the magazine wala naman deadline nakalagay. I think it's a year long promo. Try sending them an email of your inquiry. (^o^)/

    The next time I'm taking PAL, I'll check again ^^

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. galing ah! pamangka nya ha when you're in cebu. congrats on the first payout!

  5. @novz

    mangka pud ka kay ikaw every 3 months naa na gud hehehe ^^ ambot kanus.a pa kaha ko makabalik cebu. wala naman gud ka didto. wala na koy kasuroy hehehe ^^ adto napud ko manila june. kitakits if ever.

  6. anu pala un email adress nila?

  7. Hi Rose.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    I don't know if the promo is still on going. Check with PAL nalang.

    Email is: info[at]


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