Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tennis: Wimbledon Center (Centre) Court Celebration

Wimbledon is celebrating the completion of its new Center Court! As you can see from the picture, the center court is now finally equipped with a retractable roof! In this year's Wimbledon Championship, come rain or shine we will definitely see tennis action! No more rain delays at Center Court.

Featured matches today for the celebration are:
Mixed Doubles:
Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf vs. Tim Henman & Kim Clijsters
Men's Singles:
Andre Agassi vs. Tim Henman
Women's Singles:
Steffi Graf vs. Kim Clijsters

The first exhibition match has just ended Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters winning the Mixed doubles match 7-6.
Andre Agassi kissing Steffi Graf at Wimbledon Centre Court.
In the mean time, Roger Federer is battling it out against Rafael Nadal in the Madrid Open finals! I can't believe that there's no coverage of that match here in the Philippines! The commentator is Star Sports did promise to give us an update on the match soon. I don't mind if Federer loses this match. More important is the fact that he's gaining form again just in time for the French Open in May. Whew! Exciting tennis season to come! (^o^)/

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  1. As of 11:34pm (GMT + 8)
    Roger Federer is 4-3 up with a break of serve at the Madrid Open Finals ... go Roger!

  2. Federer wins at Madrid Open! 6-4 6-4!

  3. @freeze

    would love to pero no plans pa for this year. No money hehehe ^^

    I want to watch the australian open first.
    Then maybe US Open or Wimbledon. Last will be the french open ^^


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