Friday, September 12, 2008

Divorce Records Search Follow Up

Here's a follow up on the divorce records search site. If you're wondering what the search output would look like, I've attached a picture above. In this example, the person searching entered the name "John Doe". On the first 2 rows the site gave out the 2 marriage records of John Doe. I was actually surprised to see that the name of the spouse can also be viewed. How cool is that. And the last row would show the divorce records of John Doe. Here you can see that John Doe was married first to Suzan Doe in 1980 and then was remarried to Brenda Smith in 1981 (just a year after). However, their relationship only lasted for 10 years. and they filed for divorce in 1991. Hmmm ... there's something fishy with this example. Unless Suzan Doe died a year after she got married, John Doe's marriage to Brenda Smith can actually be considered null and void. hihihi (^O^).

If you're living in California, you might want to check out the California Divorce Records.

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  1. what's with all these marriage/divorce sites? are you even near getting married na>

  2. Hi charlotte!

    No, i'm not getting married yet. ^^ These are sponsored posts. pasensya.e nalang hehehe. ^^


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