Friday, September 12, 2008

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Did you know that 99.6% of businesses registered in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) here in the Philippines are SMEs?

Small and Medium Enterprises are defined to be businesses with a maximum of P100 million in assets and employing 200 employees, regardless of industry or ownership type. (Maximum of P100M! Some of them may not be that small after all, hihihi (^O^)/)

I look forward to the day when I would register my own business at DTI!

In the mean time, I keep myself busy studying in preparation for it. If you haven't been looking at the links on the right side of this site. I've actually added 2 new links for sites that I've created in the last month. One is a site offering Guides to Entrepreneurship and the other is a Free Personal Finance site. Go check them out and let me know what you think (^O^)/

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  1. registration is now available online at Unfortunately, even if the name is available, just the same, on-line or not you won't be spared by red tape. :(

  2. @freeze

    how come there's still red tape when you can process everything online?
    I guess because you still have to go to the DTI office anyway? hehehe.

    at the DFA, if you process your passport renewal by yourself, the fee is only 500 pesos (reg) 750 (rush). However, if you have to go through a travel agency it becomes 1500 and 1800 respectively! Imagine that?! And the only difference is, with an agency you don't have to queue because they'll set an appointment for you. And they have special counters in DFA for those who applied through the agency. Is this a form of Red tape being legalized? tsk tsk tsk ... Although the amount you pay at the DFA is the same regardless of what kind of application you did. So the money is with the agency! which I'm sure is shared with the DFA as well, in some form. haaaaay ...

  3. kasi its mere filing, approval comes in later, but you can still go and find a padrino to get your names approved. nonetheless, dti is still one of the better agencies.

    oh DFA, our friend A applied "rush" processing but it took several weeks!

  4. the new passport, machine readable, really takes weeks daw. parang mine took 20 days. the regular processing takes 10 longer, not that much difference talaga.

    A? going to HK?
    what's the news na pala. haven't heard from M. Having second thoughts on going this Oct.

  5. if in a rush, you can request the old passport to be issued daw, but you have to tell them ahead.

  6. @freeze

    yeah, i heard pwede rin. pero not wise to do so siguro kasi US embassy won't accept old passport na daw and it'll be allowed 'til 2010 lang daw ata.


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