Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chasing after Taufik Hidayat

Here I am at the lower right bottom of the picture chasing after the guy in pink stripes shirt, Taufik Hidayat.

Taufik Hidayat is arguably Indonesia's best badminton single's player ever. He has won all major titles there is to win in badminton including the Olympics. Lin Dan, reigning world champion and no. 1 player in the world, has not won the Olympic gold medal yet.

So I went to Singapore last June to watch the Aviva Singapore Badminton Open. Although Taufik was registered to play, for some reason unknown to me, he backed out when the tournament started. However, he was gracious enough to make an appearance during the breaks so as not to disappoint the fans. Everyone of course scrambled to have a picture taken with him. I was late to the punch as when I saw him, the photo op has ended and the organizer of the event was already calling him for another matter.

I patiently waited though and asked a companion to be ready to take my picture using my Canon 350D. And when he was finished talking with the organizers, I sneaked in and asked if I can have my picture taken with him. Like a true champion respecting a fan's wish, he readily agreed and stood beside me. Cameras clicked and flashes began igniting around us as a throng of fans and photographers who were still following him around realized he was posing for another photo op. I gave it my best smile and stood proudly beside him. I looked around the flashing lights trying to locate where my companion was positioned still smiling all through out. I scanned the people around us from left to right. He was positioned a bit angled to my right and so I turned a bit and gave it my best smile again. To my surprise, no lights or flashes were igniting from my camera! My companion was fumbling with the controls! As I hurriedly went my companion's way to take a quick look at what was wrong, Taufik, probably thinking I already got my shot, was quick to leave the building! aahhh...!

So to make a long story short, I never got my picture with him! Well, at least not on my camera. I probably have one, a clear shot, probably better than the picture above because there were no other people in the background, in somebody else's cam! If you are out there reading this, please send it to me! hehehe (^O^)v


What else did I do in Singapore?

See the local delicacies I was able to savor through the generosity of friends here.

My attempt at Sports Photography here.

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  1. hahaha! ang malas mo naman. tingin-tingin ka sa magazines na lalabas soon, baka andun ka. :)

  2. @joven hahaha tuwa ko nalang kapag nakita ko picture ko somewhere else. ^^ salamat!

  3. ahahaha laugh trip boks!

  4. @boks

    yeah, super! hehehe ^^
    and i wasn't able to thank taufik for taking the time pa jud. he must have thought i was rude to just ran off like that. hehehe


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