Monday, July 14, 2008

Botika ng Bayan

“Botika ng Bayan” literally translates to “The Pharmacy of the Country”, it is a program of the government of the Philippines to bring cheap medicines to the public. The stations are not necessarily government owned, private companies may apply for a franchise. Owners will get the privilege of buying medicines at a subsidized cost thus being able to distribute the same medicines to the public at reduced cost. This is one of the business opportunities that have been presented to me recently.

When it comes to medicines though, one has to be careful because the human body may react differently to different compounds. Especially with the resurgence of generic brands and new medicines, one has to be careful in choosing the right one. Knowing whether the medicine came from a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing company helps. Case studies and rigor testing must be done before new compounds, included in medicines, must be introduced to the public.

Managing a pharmacy looks difficult, especially the fact where in you have to take inventories of very small objects. My mom is a pharmacist but she left the profession when she started going into trading and business. I personally don’t know anything about running a pharmacy but as my mom says, ‘every opportunity is a learning experience’. I may fail at it at first but if I learn enough to make it big the next time, that’s what will really count. Let’s all see where this will lead …

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  1. good luck ug God bless anang imong endeavor. ^_^

  2. bagong raket! get busy, good luck :)

  3. @freeze

    thank you. i hope both rakets work hehehe ^^

  4. wow steph.. bizniz man na jud ka. hehe

    Naay Botika nang Bayan sa among barangay pero oi... daghan kulang. Bisan Simeco wala sila...

  5. gibayaran man ko ani shie. hehehe pero somebody did offer to set up one with me. pero no progress pa. hay.
    i think that persons too busy and wala lang jud nahan mulihok sa amo. hihihi economy is not so stable. bad time to start a business really.


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