Monday, July 14, 2008

The Gift

Reward yourself with a present, and what better item to give yourself but the gift of health! Join US and change your life starting today. Exercise with US! (^O^)/

Let's do the hundred together! I got introduced to doing the hundred push ups from Grace of The Parenting Diaries. I'm blogging about this so I can keep myself and those that follow the same program motivated as well! I'm currently on my second week already. Below are the results of my efforts so far.

Initial Test: 14 Push Ups

1st Week: 16 Push Ups Max
2nd Week: 20 Push Ups Max

If I complete the program and achieve the hundred then I can proudly publish the picture below on my site. Can't wait ...

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  1. haha nice idea! i can't even do one. :D

  2. @freeze

    it's good exercise. it's one of those rare exercises that target a lot of muscle groups all at once ^^

  3. Now, I can finally comment. Thanks for joining. It's a lot more challenging when with other fitness buffs...goodluck to us! Although it's double the chance you'll succeed in this than I would.

  4. @grace

    chances are equal for everyone!
    you have more motivation than i do. hehehe ^^

    which reminds me, i haven't done my set for today! hehehe


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