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Wimbledon Final Live (Score updates) : Roger Federer(1) vs. Rafael Nadal(2)

Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal
4-6 4-6 7-6 (5) 7-6 (8) 7-9

Rafael Nadal wins in arguably the best, the greatest tennis match in history ever! (Longest wimbledon men's final in history as well.)

Blogging has really come a long way. Wimbledon has hired their own blogger and he/she gets to upload his/her entries here as it happens.


Set 5:

04:16 Rafa serves to Federer's forehand. Return is deep, short backhand reply from Rafa, Federer moves in, aggresively hits the forehand but sends it to the net!!! Rafa falls back to the grass, overwhelmed by the moment. Congratulations to Rafa for remaining tough and playing so well under pressure. Roger was definitely shaky during crucial points.

04:15 Amazing wide service from Rafa to earn him another point.

04:14 Backhand return winner from Federer! Destroying Nadal's 3rd championship point.

04:14 Federer backhand goes wide for another championship for Rafa!

04:12 Federer backhand looking to go long but Rafa intercepts it and volleys it long! whew!

04:12 Swinging forehand to the open court then comes in to volley again! Rafa another point.

04:11 Nadal serves wide and volleys! Surprise move!

04:10 Rafa serving for the championship! New balls! First point Federer! Rafa forehand goes long.

04:08 Advantage Nadal! Federer delivers another service winner that knicks the tip of Nadal's racket. But misses a forehand to give the advantage back to Nadal! And misses again to give the game to Nadal! grrrrrrrr ............ Federer is shaking! The crowd cheering Rafa on.

04:07 Nadal slips! Federer winner! It's deuce!

04:06 Ace again! Saving one break point.

04:05 Nadal threatening to break Roger's serve again.

04:04 Words fail commentators and bloggers as Roger returns a smash from Rafa successfully. But Rafa remains cool to hit another smash way back in the baseline and follow it up with a forehand winner to hold serve!

04:03 Body serve jams Federer again! But return hits the net dropping the ball low on Rafa's side of the court. Rafa gets there but Roger calmly hits a driving backhand volley to the open court!

04:01 Body serve jams Federer sending his return long for a Rafa point.

04:00 It's 4 am! Federer hits a forehand winner! Player serving first in the 5th set always has the advantage.

03:57 Nadal forces Federer to miss an inside out forehand wide. Federer battles on to get another game point. And then gets a free point with a Rafa backhand hitting the net.

03:56 Federer sets the point perfectly but misses an easy forehand volley! Nadal fierce from the baseline running from side to side.

03:54 Nadal playing aggressively to win the first 2 points. Federer delivers ace no. 24. Then produces another serve-forehand combination to tie the game 30 all. Another strong serve brings earns him a game point.

03:53 Player challenges are reset back to 3 as Nadal holds to tie the game at 5 all.

03:48 Federer leads 6 games to 5! Even after 4 hours and 30 minutes, both players still bringing it on! Looks like they'll be no sleep for me again tonight!

03:47 Ace number 43 and a strong inside out forehand brings the game to deuce. Another winner for the advantage!

03:46 Nadal with break points! Strong forehands!

03:44 Rafa serving wide and following it up with great forehands holds serve to tie the set at 5 all.

03:43 Magnificent inside out forehand wins the point for Federer.

03:42 Federer sends a backhand return long. 30-15 nadal.

03:41 40 minutes into the final set, Nadal serves to stay in the match. He opens up with a second serve ace!

03:39 Federer hits his 22nd ace. The sky is blue over center court. Federer leads 5-4.

03:37 It's 20:37 in London, Rafa survives the scare and holds on to tie the set at 4-4.

03:35 Crashing forehand to Federer's forehand corner send Federer scrambling, throwing the lob to a Nadal waiting below the net. Nadal makes no mistake with the smash bringing the game level at deuce.

03:34 Nadal misses his first serve, rallies, Federer comes up with a down the line forehand winner! Federer with a chance to break!

03:30 Roger holding serve easily using accurate strong serves followed my powerful forehands. His serve is looking unbreakable.

03:28 Rafa holds serve. The first rain delay helped Federer, I know it will help him again this time.

03:24 Roger serves two aces off the bat to hold serve and lead 3-2 in the final set!

03:22 The players are back on court to warm up! TV is showing the game between Borg and McEnroe, the one where Borg lost and then retired afterwards. I read somewhere that he didn't mind losing at all, the motivation wasn't there anymore. Federer is still very much motivated, I believe.

02:54 Three hours and 46 minutes into the match play is suspended for the 2nd time due to rain. grrrrrrrrr .................. The weatherman was wrong! Kill the weatherman! hehehe ^^

02:52 Umpire overrules an out call in favor of Nadal, Federer challenges but loses the challenge. At the next point, Nadal's forehand was called long. Nadal challenges and wins the challenge. Federer replies with an ace!

02:50 2 games all in the final set. Earlier in the 3rd set Roger looked emotional, down, and beaten. Now his expression has gone back to his cool normal self, with the belief that he can win this match after all.

02:45 Federer holds as Rafa sends a return to the net. There are no tie breaks on the 5th set, we could be here for a long time! I've finished eating my Chippy (chips) already! I need a new pack. ^^ Hopefully Federer finishes this off quickly so I can go to sleep!

02:41 Nadal holds on as Federer send a forehand long. Telecast shows cloudy skies but commentators said that the weatherman said that it will be alright. ^^

02:37 For the first time in the match, Federer leads. 1-0 in the 5th! Sealing the game with a powerful backhand volley.

02:33 Umpire calls "Time", final set to begin!


02:31 Every miss first serves now brings murmurs among the crowd and Federer just did that. But he made sure his second serve was in and a nervous Rafa sends his backhand long giving the point, the tie break, and the 4th set to Roger Federer! What a match! whew! Excitement and adrenalin beyond compare! ^^

02:30 at 8-8 in the tie break, Federer produces 2 powerful forehands to win the point.

02:29 Nadal attacks the Federer backhand coming in to the net but Roger comes up with his own backhand pass! Bringing an uproar in the crowd!

02:28 Nadal makes the pass! waaaaah! Another championship point Nadal, now on his serve.

02:26 Roger challenges but loses the challenge. Nadal earning a championship point after 3.5 hours. But the champ comes up with a great service! Nadal challenges but loses the challenge as well.

02:25 Nadal misses his first serve causing murmurs from the crowd. Marvelous point! Roger misses his chance with a forehand wide!

02:24 Set point Federer with a service winner!

02:24 Wide serve - forehand winner to the open court! Go Roger!

02:23 Federer moves in to force the error from Rafa! 4-5 now in the tie break! Roger to serve.

02:22 Nadal double faults!

02:22 2-5 as Roger sends a backhand wide!

02:20 This time Roger makes no mistakes with his forehand to hit the winner but still trailing the tie break at 2-4

02:19 Nadal with his 5th ace in the match to lead 3-1 in the tie break. Then follows it up with another strong serve to earn another point.

02:18 Federer losses both his service points, looking nervous at the start of this tie break.

02:17 The crowd erupts in cheers as Federer lobs to Nadal's backhand after Rafa made a poor volley. Nadal smashes the ball with his backhand but Federer was there to make the pass down the line.

02:16 Players receive an additional challenge as we enter the 4th set tie break!

02:16 Service winner and forehand crosscourt winner from Roger!

02:15 Nadal's forehand just wide! whew!

02:14 40 minutes into the set, Roger misses his forehand to lose the first point.

02:12 Nadal serves strong and holds serve to go ahead 6-5. Must win game for Roger! A 4th set tie break would certainly favor him. Go Roger!

02:10 Rafa drops effectively, Roger tries to imitate but sends his drop short to the net.

02:09 "5 games all, 4th set" the umpire announces as another forehand winner comes out of Roger's racket! We are playing with new balls now.

02:08 Roger misses his first serve but delivers a great 2nd serve. Nadal long on his backhand! Federer with the advantage now.

02:08 30 all! Forehand winner from Roger!

02:06 Nadal's grunts are getting louder and louder. He looks determined to break Federer's serve. He smartly drops back a drop shot from Federer then comes up with the pass in the second point to lead 0-30 in the game.

02:04 "Glorious pass" from Nadal as the Start Sports commentator Vijay put it. He then wins the succeeding points with ease to lead the set 5-4. He's one game away from the championships.

01:59 Booming forehand from Roger catches Nadal off guard. Whipping forehand from Nadal causes the error from the Roger's backhand. Roger serves and volley on a second serve but Nadal ready for the return. But Roger pushes on to hold serve.

01:57 A couple of long ground strokes from Roger, a good passing shot from Nadal gives Rafa the crucial 7th game in a set. He leads 4-3.

01:54 Nadal wrongly challenges a call. Federer serves aggressively backing it up with offensive forehands to even the set.

01:49 Roger tries to go behind Nadal and comes in to the net. Rafa balanced or unbalanced like always produces the backhand crosscourt passing shot to hold serve.

01:47 The tension is rising and I couldn't stop muching my Chippy snack! Roger brings his ace total to 16 and holds serve to bring the set even at 2-2.

01:41 Roger starting to use his slice backhand again. Use the drop-come-to-net play again. But Nadal holds strong as a Federer slice goes wide.

01:39 Good serving and powerful forehands wins the game for Roger. He's running around his backhand more often now.

01:36 Nice serving from Nadal wins him the first game of the 4th set. He is serving at 72% first serves in play.

01:34: Must win 4th set for the champ, Roger Federer!

Set 3:

After losing 2 set points from the Nadal serve, can Roger seal the deal with his own serve? I didn't have to ask as before I could write this, another ace flies off from his racket! Roger wins the 3rd set!

01:31 Confident volley from Nadal saves the first set point. Wide serve saves the 2nd set point.

01:30 After pulling a forehand long, Federer serves an ace! Bringing the score to 6-3. 3 set points for the champ!

01:29 Another winning forehand from the champ!

01:28 Nadal serves his second serve to Roger's backhand. Quick with his footwork, Roger runs around it hitting a forehand down the center T which Nadal couldn't handle.

01:26 Roger's backhand couldn't handle the whip of Nadal's ground strokes, sending the ball to the net. He then successfully challenges another call to earn a point replay. Following it up by 2 aces to lead 3-2.

01:25 Roger opnes up the tie break with an ace! He misses a backhand long at the next to bring the tie break to 1-1

01:24 We are going for a tie break! Nadal comfortably holds serve with an ace.

01:20 Federer with the 1st challenge after the rain delay. His serve was called for a double fault but he successcully wins the challenge when it was just millimeters inside the service line. Federer holds serve to lead 6-5.

01:17 Nadal holds serve.

01:11 We're are back live after a 1 hour delay!

23:52 Play suspended due to Rain Delay ... grrrr
Is this delay just prolonging the envitable, that is, Nadal winning the championships? Or will this help the champ? Everyone will have to wait and see as the RAIN is making itself felt again in
Center Court. It never fails to make an entrance in Wimbledon every year. Go Roger! I believe! (^O^)v

23:50 Federer breaths! For the first time in the match, Federer is not broken at 4 all in the set. He holds his serve but still looks puzzled as to what to do against Nadal.

23:48 Four games all in the 3rd set.

23:44 For a moment, Roger looks lost and beaten. Nadal wins the first 3 points in the game, earning him 3 break points. Roger comes back powered by strong serving, he wins the next 5 points to hold serve.

23:40: Federer fails to convert any of his 4 break points in the game. On the other hand, Nadal wins the game on his first game point!

23:38 His 11th then?

23:36 Out of 9 break points so far, Federer has only converted one. Will he be able to convert his 10th?

23:30 Federer holds his serve to love. Winning the game serving wide then volleying the return to the open court.

23:28 Mid point Nadal stops play and challenges a call! Crucial call as if he's wrong, point will be awarded to Federer instantly giving him the break! But Nadal was right. He brings the game back to deuce and then wins the next points to hold his serve.

23:25 Forehand driving volley gives Roger 2 break points!

23:24 Nadal wins the first point with a ball called long from Roger's backhand. Hawk eye confirms though that the ball was IN but Roger didn't challenge the call!

23:19 Nadal slips! Calls the trainer out at the break. But erases any doubts (from doubters like me) with a backhand winner! Roger returns the favor with an ace serve. He hold serve to lead 2-1 in the 3rd set.

23:18 Nadal holds with a forehand wide return from Federer. Does he have enough motivation to and desire to take this match to a fifth set? ^^

23:14 Roger holds comfortably to win the 1st game of the 3rd set. Why can't he play like this later in the sets .... !

Set 2:

23:10 An hour and 34 minutes later Roger sends another backhand to the net losing the game and giving the set to Rafael Nadal.

23:08 Thrilling match! Marvelous backhand passing slice from Nadal for set point - Federer replies with a biting slice of his own to get the match back to deuce.

23:03 Federer listens to ME (hahaha) and hits and inside out forehand followed by an easy crosscourt drop shot volley.

23:01 Nadal is consistent, deep, and heavy from the baseline wrong footing the champion to get the break of serve! grrrr! Roger has not come in to the net recently. He should return to the plays that make him win points!

23:00 Roger saves the first break point with a forehand winner.

22:58 Roger misses an easy volley - Nadal wins the game to bring the set even at 4-4.

22:54 Amazing point! Roger sends a midcourt slice to Rafa's forehand. Rafa forced to come in whips the forehand crosscourt but Roger outstretched, manages to block the ball back deep in the court, but wait, it doesn't end there as Rafa scrambles back to return the ball! Federer calmly hits a backhand crosscourt, Rafa tries to hit a drop shot but send the ball to the net.

22:49 We are back on serve! Roger misses an inside out forehand giving Nadal a break point. He comes in to the net in the next but Rafa hits a strong backhand down the line which Roger couldn't handle, sending the volley flying off center court. Nadal gets the break to get back on serve in the second set at 4-3.

22:47 Federer tries the drop shot again bringing Nadal to the net. Nadal quick to get there hits a forehand to Roger's backhand making Roger stretch to send a weak slice lob reply which Nadal pommels to the ground with ease. He holds serve to stay in the set at 4-2.

22:40 Federer hits 3 aces in a row to hold his serve comfortably.

22:38 Federer sends a forehand return long at 40-15 in the game.

22:35 Roger serves and volleys at 40-15 but Nadal hammers the return crosscourt keeping him alive in the game. Rafa however sends the next return long to give Federer the game. Roger know leads 3-0 in the second set.

22:32 Roger attacks the Nadal forehand coming in. Nadal sends the pass wide giving Federer a break point! Nadal comes in to the net with a short ball from Federer. Roger makes the pass crosscourt to win him the break!

22:29 Federer hits a drop shot, following it up to the net, and finishing the volley. Nadal seem to be hurting from the wound in his knee which he incurred in yesterday's semi-final match.

22:28 Federer opens up successfully holding serve comfortably.

Set 1:

Disappointing backhands from Federer! One going long, the other straight to the net, giving Nadal the first set.

22:23 Roger sends a slice backhand return to the net. We are back to deuce.

22:21 Roger runs around his backhand to hit a forehand winner! And does it again the next point to get the advantage.

22:20 Roger forays to the net to earn a break point. Hesitant to come in on the next, he sends a backhand volley long. Nadal serves an ace to ear set point! What a match!

22:18 Nadal hits a down the line forehand to earn set point! Roger fights back with a marvelous inside out forehand followed by a down the line backhand winner to bring the game back to deuce.

22:16 Federer volley wins him the point. Sends the next ball long brining Nadal to 2 points away from taking the first set.

22:13 Roger holds serve again winning 4 quick points in a row. Rafa will serve for the set next. Roger must find a way to break back to level the set again.

22:12 Rafa holds on to lead 5-3.

22:04 Roger winning most of his points in the net. Rafa dominating from the baseline but sends a backhand crosscourt wide to give Federer the game.

22:00 Nadal holds serve.

21:59 Roger holds easily winning 4 quick consecutive points. Leaving his mark on center court with another ace on game point.

21:54 Rafa sends a forehand long to give Roger a break point. Roger sends a forehand long to bring the game back to deuce. Service winner by Rafa - Inside out forehand winner by Roger - Forehand to the net by Roger - Backhand return to the net by Roger. Rafa consolidates the break and leads 3-1 in the first set.

21:49 Rafa starts impressively whipping winners from both ends! First challenge of the match goes to Rafa. Winning the challenge with a ball called long to replay point. But Roger fights back, with a backhand winner hitting behind Rafa and coming in to the net to bring the game back to deuce.

21:46 A backhand error from Federer gives Nadal a break point. Amazing backhand return by Nadal sent deep to Roger's backhand gets him the break.

21:43 Federer won his service game by serving an ace. Rafa starts his with a service winner! 2 backhand errors from Federer gives Rafa game points and a forehand later on goes wide to give Rafa the game.

21:35 Roger serves first. Exciting first game! Rafa wins the first point with a forehand winner but Federer wins the next four points, holding serve comfortably.

21:28 Play is delayed because of rains in Wimbledon earlier today. But the players are out warming up in Center Court!

-0 -

Roger looking for his 6th consecutive Wimbledon title, surpassing that of Bjorn Borg. While Rafa is looking to be the only player to win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year since Bjorn Borg and prove to the world that he can play superbly in any surface as well.

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