Sunday, February 10, 2008

Together Forever Apart

Resolution Check:

I am extremely happy that I have been keeping up with my new year’s resolution. I have not been angry for more than 24 hours! Although I have managed to do this, I do still “explode like a volcano”, as one friend put it (back in college), when provoked. It’s not a pretty site.

Although happy with my progress, it saddens me that most of the times I’ve applied this was towards a single person.

Could it be that some are meant to live forever apart as some are meant to live together forever?

What if that someone was really close to you? *sigh* (tameiki shika denai!)

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  1. yup yup ^^
    we all need drama in our lives hehehe ^^

  2. yaks!!!! naa pud diay to siya drama mode yiiiii wahahaha...

  3. mmmmm.....

    medyo kulang ang clue? or clues ba ni? hehe

    good luck steph! :D

  4. @rose maia and bisdakbabbles!

    thanks 4 dropping by ^^

    yup, kulang jud ang clue hehehe

    rose, it just means that what if you figure out that someone very close to you is really very incompatible with you ... paano nalang hehehe ^^

    tameiki shika denai means something like 'all i can do is sigh' hehehe ^^

  5. huh? as in FOREVER jud?

  6. hi anne!
    kung dili jud magkasinabot e d forever hehehe
    maybe lang ... but dili man jud FOREVER hihihi


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