Friday, February 01, 2008

Papa's Word of the Day: Sospicious

After quoting quotes from my mom, I figured out it would just be fair to post something from my dad as well. If you haven't read my family portrait, my dad is of chinese descent and even after years of living here in the Phils. he still isn't very comfortable with speaking in Bisaya, or even Filipino and English for that matter. But lately, he's been more vocal and it's a nice change in the family.

Word of the day: Sospicious

Soon it will be the Chinese new year (Feb 7) and the local department store has started advertising lucky charms and other feng shui items in the local newspaper. I saw the ad and pointed out to my mom that it seems that the sellers are using the japanese name of the items instead of the chinese name. I passed the paper to my mom for verification. Instead of verifying anything, she speaks aloud saying that we should buy these items. Curious, my dad, asked for the paper himself. "Ahhh, sospicious lang man ni (this is just sospicious)" he quips. hehehe ^^

I corrected him, and told him that the right word is superstitious. Upon hearing this, he tried saying the word as I did but couldn't quite get it yet. ^^
- o -
In our store, it's funny sometimes how our conversations evolve around the stories and articles we read in the newspaper. Even caught my dad once recommending a health regime he once read from the paper. I said to him "Pa, we read the same paper." hehehe ^^

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  1. hehe...
    I look forward to learn more words from your family. hehe

    Perhaps I would also post some. My mother has lots of those. :D

  2. @bisdakbabbles

    hahaha ^^ you should! for posterity's sake ^^ lingaw man ^^


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