Thursday, January 03, 2008


New Year’s resolutions are an IN thing during this time of the year. Going along with the trend, I too, come up with a list of things I aim to do or improve on for the coming year. However, none of them seem to make it pass the first week. (^^;) The problem is I list so many things and I never take any of them to heart, and so I forget. This time I’m keeping my resolution simple and I’m writing it here for everybody’s reference. That way you can help remind me whenever I falter. Hehehe ^^

This year I resolve to control my anger and not let it get the better of me. I am allowing myself to feel angry, about a certain matter, only for a day (24 hours max). Within that period, I resolve to communicate my anger with the parties involved or with anyone who’s willing to listen.

Now this is not a meme or anything of that sort, but if you need help in keeping up with your resolutions, you’re welcome to post them as well. ^^

I know my resolution is riddled with escape clauses; well you’ve got to make it work for you. (^^;) hihihi

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  1. i wish you all the best on your resolution! Happy New Year, sunjun!

  2. Thanks Novs! Happy New Year din! ^^

  3. new year's resolution never work steph. that's why i gave up making any a long time ago. wahahaha.

    good luck ana!:) hehehe

  4. @cating

    i was hoping pa naman you would write yours too! hahaha ^^

    nagamit ko na for 1 day e. pwede na siguro yun hahaha ^^ so early in the year! hahaha

  5. you changed i guess...when she came into your life you're totally different from before...hihihi...ana jud na tingali if you're in love steph(winks)

  6. @anne

    thanks for dropping by. really? you think i changed? hihihi must be the AGE hahaha

  7. you have a temper issue? hmm...

  8. oo meron specially when it comes to family, the hardest to deal with kay dili pwede e.ignore hahaha ^^


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