Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strength is Found in Waiting

Waiting with Ginanggang and Coke Light ...

"Strength is found in waiting," that's what Joyce Meyer wrote in Promises For Your Everyday Life - a Daily Devotional, one of my apps in my Kindle Fire.  True enough, there is strength in waiting.  It is not easy to wait but when you do it can reap rewards as well.  

Even when dealing with the stock market, I think it was Jesse Livermore who said something like money is actually made while sitting and waiting.  You need to learn to wait for the right opportunity to buy and wait for the best time to sell as sell.  

So when somebody asks, proudly reply "I'm waiting,"  whatever the concern may be. (Read Joyce Meyer's article after the jump)

Learn to Wait
by: Joyce Meyer

People often ask me, "How can I know for sure whether I'm hearing from God or just making things up?"

I believe the answer is to learn to wait.  With big decisions, we often feel the need to hurry.  We must do something and do it right now!  But godly wisdom tells us to wait until we have a clear picture of what we are to do and when we are to do it.

We all need to develop the capacity to take a step back and view every situation from God's perspective.  Only then can we make decisions the way He wants us to.

Strength is found in waiting.  When you wait upon the Lord, you can sense in your spirit what the Lord actually wants you to do, not what you think He wants you to do.

When you are faced with any difficult decision, it is wise to wait until you have a clear answer before taking a step you may regret.  It might feel uncomfortable and you may want to hurry, but don't allow that pressure to take precedence over the wisdom and knowledge of God.


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