Friday, July 15, 2011

Image Model for Coron, Philippines

In an unexpected twist of fate, Sun Jun became an image model for the city of Coron!  A friend said that she saw my picture in this site more than a year ago!  It made me wonder how long the site had been using my picture to promote Coron in their webpage - without my permission that is!  They obviously just grabbed my picture from my Coron Philippines post.

Well, who wouldn't want to be an image model right? And for such a lovely place such as Coron, I really wouldn't mind being the face of Coron in their promotions.  This site however, is not the official website of the city of Coron as well.  Regardless, the moment I knew they were using my picture, I emailed them to convey my dismay and frustration and asked them to remove my picture from their site if they weren't willing to pay for the picture.  Yes, you read that right, I officially peddled my shirtless picture for a very small fee.  If anyone is interested in more illicit pictures, let me know! I'll give you a good price. hahaha (^o^)/

They even had the nerve to print something like this on their site when in truth, they don't own all the copyright of the materials they used! 

After a week of sending my email though, upon checking the site again, they've removed the slide show of images that included my picture on it.  While I appreciate this gesture, it would have been more comforting and appropriate if they also replied to my e-mail and said sorry for their "lapse in judgment" as former PGMA did. 

Regardless, I was an Image model of Coron! Beat that! Hah! (^o^)v 

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  1. thought your update brings some good news, no talent fee pa rin pala. hehe

  2. wow! ikaw na!:) model na model ang dating ah. hehehe

  3. @freeze there is good news everywhere.

    @cating hahaha ^^

  4. hmm... Am i missing some good news? :)

  5. @freeze no need to look far for good news ... they acknowledging my email is good news in itself.


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