Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Stop (Coron, Palawan)

Coron, Palawan !!!

After years of contemplating to go to the northern part of Palawan, I finally did last January 3 to 6, 2009! With tourism in the area just starting to build up, food, transportation, and hotel rates are still quite high, but i tell you, it's all worth it! It's mother nature at her finest coupled with friendly and hospitable owners, guides, and staffs.

Some firsts on this trip:
  • Stroked a giraffe
  • Saw a porcupine
  • Swam in raging waves
  • Swam in a lake (fresh water) and at the beach on the same day.
  • Snorkeled in a lake
  • Saw a transparent Shrimp at work.
  • Banana Flambe ala Vicky (Big hit!)
  • GSM Blue + Minute Maid Orange

How to get to Coron, Palawan

You might want to check out the DIY Coron site.

And call these people:
Vicky's Guest House (Vicky Hefti) 09172789538, 09266467327
Princess of Coron (Elena) 09192361430
Coron guide (Eran) 09204339152

How to go to Coron, Palawan
(Busuanga, Coron, Calauit)

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  1. syeet, suya ko steph! i'll tell cating nga plan nya mi ds year for coron. una-una na pod ay. :p but, ok ra, atleast maka ask mi ug tips from u. :D

  2. pwede ko mu.uban? ^^ el nido nya apilun nato hehehe ^^

  3. di man lang nanginvite oh. tsk tsk. aders!!!

  4. you actually stroked a giraffe? daya :)

  5. @cating!

    g.invite lang pud ko man gud hehehe ^^ and i went the last minute hihihi ... balik lang ta! let's include el nido in our trip and day tour in amanpulo (pwede kaha?) hehehe ^^

    yup, me and debs did.

  6. woooowwww!! inggit ako! i miss travelling!!!

  7. @crazydigger

    ok lang yan. you'll be able to travel again soon ^^


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