Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sulic and Hauser - The 2Cellos

With names like Sulic and Hauser they're almost guaranteed a spot in the music industry!  Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, two Croatians who make up the Cello duet group called 2CELLO.  Saw these guys first at The Ellen Degeneres Show.  As their official website puts it, their "passionate, duelling cellos version" of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal", made it big in YouTube, which in turn did not fail to catch the TV host's attention.

Here's another round of great music for all of us! Just get pass the bad bar-fight acting and enjoy the music! (All and more after the jump)

2CELLOS' rendition of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"

  • Notice how they start off with clean bows (or whatever that thing is called to strum the cello), and then end up with a few cut hairs in the end.  That's how intense their playing is.
  • Ingenious of the director to put them in a circle in the middle of rows of chairs with some chairs purposely laid on the floor to give some sort of an explosion effect.
If I were to have kids, I'd probably do what Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, did and force my kids to take up any instrument.  Growing up, it has been a frustration not be able to competently play any instrument.  It doesn't help that I wasn't really passionate for music and was a bit of a tone deaf.  I blame it still on that eraser that got stuck in my ear!  
Parenting these days are all for supporting what the kids want and what the kids like but it's still the parents duty to expose the kid to all kinds of things in the world.  You can not rely on your kid telling you what he or she wants when their choices are very much limited to the world that you've exposed them into.

Another reason why it would be good to teach them how to play an instrument would be this ....

2CELLOS rendition of Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle"

.... that is, if all else fails, they can use their talent and play for money on the streets! (^o-)v

Truly enjoyed listening and watching these two videos.  Can't wait to get a copy of their album which will not only contain these two songs but also their renditions of "Human Nature," "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and "With or Without You" among others.  

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  1. one search in youtube and you'd find out that they weren't always like this. hahaha ^^

    i guess the image helps in selling ^^


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