Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Milestone: First All-Video AVP

For the first time, I included only videos I took in the Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) and made a conscious effort not to include pictures of the event.  Keeping my hands steady without a tripod was a challenge! But definitely, using a tripod would have gotten in the way as well as we didn't really do any rehearsals and the videos were shot without any direction.  Investing in a better video camera or better yet, asking somebody to bring a light source to illuminate the event would have been helpful.  I'm very happy with the outcome though considering that I only used my Lumix LX5 to do all these!  And my editing software, Sony Vegas Movie Studio - Platinum edition, can definitely do wonders!  Check the video after the jump. (^o^)/

Would I be able to call this a film already?
"A $tephen Brione$ film" in the end has a nice ring to it! o(^o-)o

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1 comment:

  1. smoother transition and add a lil more drama. personally liked the anonymity of the shots from the flow vid, shots from the back and the silhouettes; nice kaayo to. :) you'll get there, ka tiyaga nimo! :D


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