Friday, June 10, 2011

Becoming a NINJA!

Now who wouldn't want to become a Ninja!  Growing up as a kid, I  loved to watch Martial Arts movies!  And among all characters, the ninja was the most intriguing for me.  Not only are Ninjas good at martial arts, but  they are also able to penetrate any fortress unnoticed, to throw ninja stars accurately, and best of all, to disappear in a gas bomb for an instant escape!  It's taking awesomeness to the next level.   

On my plane ride back to Davao though, I came across a new meaning for the word.  It was while reading Tim Tayag's article in Cebu Pacific's in-flight magazine, SMILE (May 2011), that I came across this new meaning and slowly realized that I may be becoming a NINJA! (cool ei? well, not so fast ...)

Before I introduce you to that new meaning, let me just segue a bit and share with you what Tim Tayag wrote in his article.  He wrote about the greatest advice he's received from his mom about love and marriage.  A perfect topic for the month of June!  Briefly, he wrote that his mom advised him to:
  • Wait till he's 30 to wed (two-thumbs up for me!)
  • Don't marry an ugly girl! (very practical advice!) 
  • Get your own place (after marriage)
  • Finally, to heed these five words ... "White woman will divorce you."
Under the last advice, he continues to write and I quote "Statistically speaking, a Caucasian woman is more likely to file for divorce compared to a good old Philippine-born Filipina.  While I'm not saying that you'll have a better marriage with a Filipina, the truth is she is more likely to stick it out with you, no matter how horrid you turn out to be, all the way until, you are dead."  Reflecting in a way the tradition and culture of Filipinos, which I also believe will not change much, even if we do consider legalizing divorce here in the Philippines (segue ulit!). (^o^)/

Going back to the main topic, a NINJA is suppose to be someone who has No Income, No Job or Assets! As depicted in the illustration below.
NINJA - No Income, No Job or Asset!

I believe I'm far from becoming a NINJA (no violent reactions please! hahaha) but honestly, I have seen myself sometimes lounging in the couch in my PJs with a can of Coke Light or a cup of coffee for that matter!  And guess what movies was I watching?! (^o-)/    

In search for those fantastic martial arts movies back then.  If you know where I can find one, give me a buzzzzzz!

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