Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spotted! Your Majesty, the Queen!

We were so lucky to have the Queen grace us with her presence on our summer outing trip to Villa Amparo Resorts in the Island Garden City of Samal. Before I introduce her to everyone let me just segue a bit on how a close friend described this beautiful resort.
Villa Amparo Resort in the morning - Samal Island

Summer is all about the sun, the sea and great times outdoors! Again, we're so lucky to live in a city where a wide range of options are readily available. How can we forget the torture we endured last year where we had to line up for 10 hours for the barge going to Camiguin Island? Hah! This time, all we needed was a 10 minute barge ride to Samal and a 20 minute ride to reach our new discovery. 
With a recommendation from a good friend, we visited Villa Amparo Garden Resort. It's one of the many resorts being constructed in the Island. The development is still ongoing, but you can see that they will soon become one of the must visit resorts in Samal. 
There were a few disappointments but I am sure these can be well managed when they go full blast. Nevertheless, we all had a great time! Pristine beach. Superb food. Reasonably priced amenities. Clean and cold rooms. Best of all: They have Video-Singko! 
-Bunny Sy 

Villa Amparo Resort at night - Samal Island

The resort is pretty small. There are not much open spaces to roam about but if you can get the place all to yourselves, it's a very nice place to chill out and relax. I also liked the fact that they preserved a portion of the corals found at the boundary so one can still go snorkeling without having to go way out into the open sea. I hope they can truly preserve this as the corals are getting a lot of damage already from being easily stepped on during low tide.

With such a scenic view, it's no wonder the Queen, herself, would visit such a place. She had a suitor stalking her though - he even tried to steal a kiss! Not just once but thrice! Check out the pictures after the jump.

The Queen spotted at Villa Amparo Resort

The Queen in her not so regal environment. hahaha ^^

The bird cages were open and these birds were free to roam outside and enjoy the amenities of the resort as well.

She might be free to roam but still she couldn't escape this insistent suitor who tried to kiss her three times! (^o-)/

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  1. Replies
    1. this was a few years back already. i wonder if they're still there. :-) i should go back

    2. this was a few years back already. i wonder if they're still there. :-) i should go back


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