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Alor's A Home Kitchen Restaurant

If you grew up in Davao then you've probably heard of Yummy Chicken and Pasta Haus.  They have been serving Dabawenyos since 1988.  Now the same owners have finally decided to open up an upscale dining place just beside Yummy (Torres branch).  This new restaurant is called Alor's A Home Kitchen.  If you loved the chicken and lasagna at YUMMY, you'll for surely love the dishes in Alor's as well.

As I personally know the restaurant owners, so as not to be biased, I won't be writing this with my usual food scouting style.  Instead I would just give you a list of recommendations on what dishes to try.  These are dishes that I've personally tasted myself.

Check out also the restaurant's menu at the end of the post!

While waiting for your order, the restaurant serves toasted bread with their own signature Cheese Pimiento.  You might be tempted to forgo this treat, but please don't.  It's worth a try.  The kids especially will love this.    

Golden Rolls (115 pesos) - Alor's A Home Kitchen

For appetizers, get the Golden Rolls!  It's a well seasoned dish with a well-balanced sauce - no overpowering taste like that of vinegar.

ABBIE's Roca Salad (195 pesos) - Alor's A Home Kitchen
For salads, try ABBIE's Roca Salad which is a mixture of Romaine lettuce, Grapes, Candied Walnuts, and White Cheese in Greek Vinaigrette.  I just love candied nuts on my salads.  

Forty-Clove Chicken (235 pesos) - Alor's A Home Kitchen 
I have three choices for main course: Forty-Clove Chicken, Pork Chop Steak, and Chicken Cordon Bleu! The Forty-Clove Chicken is pan-roasted chicken smothered with a lot of roasted garlic!  If you like the smell and flavor of roasted garlic, you will love this dish.  

Pork Chop Steak (285 pesos) - Alor's A home Kitchen
The Pork Chop Steak is a pan-grilled pork chop served with gravy sauce!  The gravy goes so well with the pork chop that you just can't stop eating it.  

Chicken Cordon Bleu (245 pesos) - Alor's A home Kitchen
If you're a kid at heart or you simply want something very comforting, aside from the Pork Chop Steak of course, you can get this Chicken Cordon Bleu!  Breaded chicken with ham and cheese served over a plate of spaghetti! Nothing is more comforting than that combination!

Strawberry Frozen Brazo - Alor's A Home Kitchen
For dessert, you'll love the different Frozen Brazo cakes.  I tried the Strawberry flavor and it reminded me of a childhood favorite, the Banana Split.  All that were missing were the bananas!  The strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors went very well together.  

Alor's A Home Kitchen

Alor's A Home Kitchen
F. Torres St., Davao City (beside Yummy, infront of Assumption Church)

Click on the image to see a larger view.

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  1. the pork chop looks good! i just served my hubby with pork chop. next time I'll add some gravy on it!

  2. only the pork chop? hahaha ^^ yup, it goes well with gravy! tama na ang puro ketchup or toyo and calamansi lang hehehe ^^

    but i still like it with just salt and pepper as well - basta tama pagkaluto ^^


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