Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Project 365: Photography by Kenneth Diaz

Do you know what this is? It took me quite a while to figure it out!
Fellow blogger and friend, Kenneth Diaz, launched Project 365 last year (2010) with the objective of taking at least one picture a day.  On his final entry, he wrote some insights he learned after taking more than 365 pictures in one year!  Great insights that I personally uphold as well, that's why I'm sharing them here with you.

  • There are lots of good pictures out there waiting to be taken and it can be a simple matter of opening one's eyes.
  • Corollary to no. 1, always bring your camera with you, even on the most mundane occasions.  You never know what'll come falling from the sky after taking that left turn on the street.
  • Creativity requires ***a lot of work***.  It can be exhausting, but ultimately, rewarding.
  • Still, it helps to be lucky ... most especially in photography ...
  • I'm starting to appreciate this thoroughly postmodern notion: Nothing is original.
  • Very Important: Things aren't always how they appear to be.
  • Empathy is useful.  But so is a sense of humor.
  • Technical perfection is not the end all and be all of the photograph.  It is the story.
  • Sunset photos are cliches, but one can't help taking a picture of it every time you see one.
  • No matter how many times it's been said, or how corny it sounds, it still rings true: the world is beautiful.
Kenneth Diaz - Chronicles of a Disturbed Mind Project 365

All the pictures in this page are from his collection!  I took the 3 best pictures that I liked.  If you wanna see more visit his site at Chronicles of a Disturbed Mind.

Kenneth Diaz. Chronicles of a Disturbed Mind - Project 365

This was quite a feat my friend! Congratulations! Continue telling beautiful stories and taking beautiful pictures.

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  1. na inspire ko anang 365 project da. pwede ba iphone lang gamit? hehe. tapulan na au ko mag dala sa ako dslr. thinking of buying a point and shoot. pra less bulky. hehe

  2. pwede ra kaayo ting! ako point and shoot na. lumix lx5 ^^ ang dslr pang pro sessions nalang jud na hehehe ^^

  3. i think the photo is of a wet sidewalk with a reflected image of a billboard of a cosmetic ad, with a heavily made-up face of a lady.

    i've seen Project 365 all over! you should try it!

  4. you got that right charm ^^ I had a hard time figuring that out the first time ^^

    no 365 projects for me! no discipline to last that long hehehe

  5. i want the leica unta but thinking of the lx5 pud kay same ra ug features. waaahhh. nagthink na sad nuon kog balik da.

  6. mahal kaayo ang Leica ting! kung ma afford go! hehehe ^^ I believe lahi pud to iya focusing system, mas complicated ata. although i'm sure naa pud guro auto mode ra ^^ pero Leica pud ako dream cam - pero for the prestige ra. hahaha

    the LX3/5 design is actually mura ug Leica ^^

  7. as in mahal kaau. mao sad nang nag two by two ko. actually ang lx5 exactly the same sa dlux5 in terms of hardware. pati ang manufacturer. mao if mag leica ko kato jud german made pero super mahal so mahulog nga di na lng. hahaha

  8. dili ba pag leica they have this thing called 'range-finder' focus? tama ba? baka sa lain model ni. actually dili ko expert. just read a little about it before hehehe

    if they're the same, get the lumix na! even the lens of the lumix is a leica so solve na kaayo ^^

    they might release a new model at the end of the year. i would want to wait for that just in case ^^

  9. yep, lahi na nga model imo pasabot. i think its their m-series.

    ay no? cge2, end of the year it is:) have time to save pa. hehe

  10. hisus! one month salary lang na ting! hehehe ^^


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