Friday, April 08, 2011

Salamat Bai!

Spent the weekend in Cebu City, the Queen City of the south!  I used to have problems saying that title about Cebu.  First of all, being a true-blooded Dabawenyo, I don't really consider Cebu City to be in the south.  For me, the only cities who can rightfully use that phrase are cities in Mindanao, like Davao.  And secondly,  I couldn't understand what makes it a queen city. (^o^)/ 

After working for 3 years in Cebu though, I can truly say that Cebu is indeed a Queen city.  There is beauty, gentleness, and elegance in the city that is rightfully its own and distinct from the more masculine appeal of other cities in the Philippines like Manila.  Add to that, the individuality and warmth of the Cebuanos.  You just have to go and visit the place to understand what I mean.   

My gratitude goes to these people who made this short trip last like there was no tomorrow.


1st Stop: UCC Cafe Terrace at The Ayala Terraces for unlimited cups of House Blend Coffee with Smoked Milk Fish Salad and Bacon Sausage Pizza Toast.  Thank you CSO! Next time I won't forget to try the city blend. ^^

2nd Stop: Asiatown IT Park! (Lahug, Cebu City) Lots of new developments in the place.  Was happy to see that KUL Kitchen and Mocha Blends (our usual hangouts before) are still in business.  Didn't appreciate the night bazaar that much though.  Thank you CT and DPC people for keeping me company.  Thank you PB, JA, JM, RA, RQ for wonderful Tea Lattes and Yummy desserts at Starbucks later in the night.   

3rd Stop: Casino Español! (Ramos St., Cebu City)  Back-breaking and muscle-cramping match ups against the unrelenting Cebu team followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner at La Terraza.  As long as that Chuleton Asado is on the menu, you can take me to dinner anytime! ;-) (^o^)v     

4th Stop: Tinder Box! (Banilad, Cebu City)  Fine wine over gourmet Tapas.  Got acquainted with Manchego cheese, Portabello mushrooms, and an all-nighter of boisterous laughter and chatting!  The waitress had to beg one of our companions to finish his wine so she can finally close shop and go home. 

5th Stop: Chika-an! (Lahug, Cebu).  Thank you DD.

6th Stop: BLU Bar and Grill at The Marco Polo Hotel!  Great view and ambiance to chill out and relax among friends.

7th Stop: CYMA Restaurant at The Ayala Terraces.  Chicken Souvlaki and Clam Pasta was the treat for the day.  And not to forget the ROKA SALATA!  It's so good, you won't have time to take a picture of it.  Don't forget to ask for extra salad dressing ... hmmmm ....  Thank you CC and DCH!

8th Stop: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at The Ayala Terraces.  Never mind the Toblerone Cheesecake which didn't taste anything like Toblerone.  I still love a good cup of iced latte.    

If all weekends were like this, I'd spend a lifetime of weekends in Cebu!  (Except maybe for the part where my roommates wake me up as early as 7 in the morning. hehehe ^^)  

(NF, RG, AP, RM, DB, GJ, PO, Nalee, Jo, RG, RG, RS, EJ, NO, AW, MA, CSO, MY, Turtle and Benny) 

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  1. Oh my! Cebu has changed so much. I don't know all these places you have mentioned. I hope to come back to Cebu one day and visit all the places you mentioned.

  2. Hi Charm! I hope you do get to visit Cebu again one day. ^^

    IT Park was where EPSON lab was located. btw, wala na epson - they sold the lab to another jap company.


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