Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfection Meets Perfection

In observance of the lenten season, I'm putting on hold the rest of the food scouting posts and leave you here with a more thought-provoking and hopefully inspiring post as well.


Once there lived a Perfect Boy and a Perfect Girl, true soul mates destined to cross each other's paths and live a happy life together.  Will they ever find each other, fulfill their destinies, and live happily ever after?  

I'll give you three reasons why this will never be:

  • No. 1: When Perfect Boy meets Perfect Girl, he will see the flaws in Perfect Girl and automatically discount her as his true soul mate.
  • No. 2: When Perfect Boy does find someone he's interested in, the girl turns out to be Perfect Girl.  And Perfect Girl will think that there's someone better out there waiting for her.
  • No. 3: If indeed Perfect Boy and Perfect Girl do manage to overcome the first two obstacles and find each other in a relationship, they will act as if there's no one better than them in this world.  Not only towards the rest of the world, but towards each other as well.  This will undoubtedly lead to their separation.

So will perfection ever meet perfection?


It's a hard fact to accept in life that nobody's perfect,  and thus when it comes to us, humans, perfection will never be able to live happily ever after with perfection.  The only time this can be possible is when one unconditionally relents to the whims of the other, a trait trying-hard-to-be perfect individuals will not be able to easily do.  

So instead of trying to find someone perfect, find someone who complements you.  Someone who'll complete your world and together both of you can be perfect. 


Now meeting those that would complement you is not a rare occurrence.  Clark Kent found it through the red cape in his Superman outfit.  

Harry Potter had a perfect relationship with his Magical wand.

And SunJun will finally achieve perfection by owning a pair of Somnio Running Shoes!

If I get my hands on a pair of Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes, I'd use it for running and nothing more.  Things made with perfection in mind, to serve a certain purpose, must be respected and used accordingly.  


I love to run and I will use this pair of shoes to continue running.  Through running, not only do I keep myself physically fit but mentally strong as well.  When those initial pangs of pain start to manifest, I will myself to continue and push the limits of my body.  
You also learn to raise your head up high when running.  Looking down will make you feel nauseous while raising your head will allow you to breath easier.  And that is how each and everyone of us must face life as well - with our heads held high.   


Watch this video and let me know what you think.

Wasn't that amazing?  Go get your pair of Somnio shoes now!

Somnio Mission Control Running Shoes (Photo courtesy of
Using Somnio's Gait Analysis Software, each pair of Somnio running shoes can be custom-made to perfectly fit each sole of your feet.  This can provide added comfort and will surely improve your performance.  All this comes with a hefty price tag though, a pair can cost around 7,000 pesos.  But let's sing along to Jessie J for once and say that "It's not about the money,money,money ... Forget about the price tag."  If I remember correctly, when Mr. Danny Orr, Somnio's Product Manager, was interviewed in Hardball at ANC, he said that for every pair of Somnio running shoes that you buy, Somnio Philippines will send a Filipino child to school!  How great is that?! Now that's true value for your money regardless whether you eventually use the shoes or not. hehehe (^o^)v  And that is what makes this pair of shoes ... ... ... ... truly perfect!  

Low on budget? No problem! Try your luck by joining's Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest and you might just win yourself a pair of SOMNIO RUNNING SHOES!  While you're at it, join at Facebook if you want to keep yourself updated with contests and giveaways like this.

So will SunJun ever get to meet the one that will complement him to perfection? (Abangan ang susunod na kabanata ...) (^o^)/

Oh well ... I didn't win. I found some good deals on though. Check these out.
SOMNIO SHOES at Great Prices!

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  1. abi nakog about ni love2 da. ahihihihi

  2. mau man pud (^o-)v
    it's just easier to find something rather than someone that will complement you ahihihi ^^

  3. i hope you got paid promoting this product!

  4. It's a contest. I hope I win. hehehe ^^ problem is ... I'm having issues with the wordpress comment box in their site. I can't post my entry huhuhu

  5. wahahahahaha! agree!:) maypa butang, mapailisan pa nimo if wa diay ka kalike. hehehe

  6. @cating hahaha lahi level naman na imo oi hehehe ^^

  7. true na uy. matod pa sa DTI, wa na uso ang no return no exchange. hehe

  8. yup ^^ pwede bitaw. confidence factor nalang na hihihi

    sa Mornings@ANC every monday kay consumer watch - they invite a DTI rep and talk about consumer rights ^^

  9. i actually got a new phone from sony ericsson because of dti ay.

    gihagit man ko sa sales nila nga mosumbong sa dti. da, na upgrade nuon ako phone for free;)

  10. galing! galing! that's the way to do it. hehehe ^^

    what was wrong with their phone? and what new phone did you get? ^^

  11. kapila na nila gi au, nya guba gihapon. mo hang yata to. i asked them if i can pay extra to upgrade to a new phone, di man sila sugot. gihagit kog sumbong sa dti. da, sumbong jud ko. gipa ilisan nuon na way charge. hehe.

    forgot unsa to na model. last 2007 pa to:)

  12. good kay na.ilisan ^^

    i think something like that happened here din. Parang SE phone din, here though, instead of repairing, the shops replaced the units right away kasi madami na ata nag-reklamo with the same unit. hahaha ^^ sometimes they even replace phones not bought from their store! kataw.anan. mura ana to ang storya na nadungog nako hehehe.

  13. mas better na jud nang replacement na lang ay. pra la nay gubot. murag sa apple na warranty ba, guba, ilis dayon. hehehe


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