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Food Scouts: Wingman Grill (Makati, Philippines)

WINGMAN GRILL Restaurant Review
Makati City, Philippines

Growing up, I just loved chicken wings!  It's the ultimate comfort food for me.  So the food scouts just had to try out Wingman Grill.  

As you can see, the place isn't really made for fine dining.  It's more of a hangout place to drink beer and enjoy comfort food.  With the bright light of lunch hour, you can clearly see how unkempt the place is.    It can still definitely be improved.  It doesn't have to look chic and posh, even just a fast food style of cleanliness will do.  Particularly, they have to do something about the concrete floor.   Well, we didn't come here to enjoy the ambiance anyway, we came for the food!  On to the good stuff ....

The star of the place would have to be its chicken wings!  We ordered half a dozen GARLIC PARMESAN Chicken Wings.  It came with carrot sticks and a standard ranch dressing.  It was worth every peso (180 Php) we spent.  I actually prefer this to Buffalo Chicken Wings.  The wet Buffalo sauce can sometimes get in the way of enjoying a good chicken wing.  I like my chicken wings dry. (^o^)/  


Their version of American-style corn dogs.  Served bite-sized, hence the term "puppies."  

Accompanying food scout enjoys a good corn dog and she wasn't disappointed.  Outer layer provided a little crisp in every bite while the star of the meal, the hotdog, was delicious.  I personally liked the honey mustard dip that came with it.  Also worth 180 pesos.  At 6 pieces per order, this can be quite filling.  Don't forget to save some space for the burgers!


Three mini-burgers of your choice!  A great way to sample Wingman's burger selection.  A superb treat for food trippers.  It also comes with a serving of giant onion rings!  Simply delicious at 230 pesos.

We got the following 3 burger flavors:


"Ketchup, mustard, mayo, topped with a slice of American cheese and kosher dill pickle slices."

A truly classic American taste with the dominating taste of mustard!  Great burger patty that's light and moist.


We just had to try their signature burger - burger topped with Buffalo sauce and rich Blue cheese!  This was a little bit sour for our taste but still a good foodie experience.  It's a very acquired taste considering that it has Blue Cheese in it.  The burger patty was not as moist and light as that of The CLASSIC CHEESEBURGER as you can clearly see from the photo on the left.



Three strikes and their out?! Far from it though, this third slider was a definite HOME RUN!  Accompanying food scout ran out of space so I had this all to myself!  The sweetness of the caramelized onion together with the rich flavor of Hickory barbeque sauce just goes so well together.  And the bacon ... oh, the bacon... needs no further explanation!  Like they say, "Everything is so much better with bacon."

And for dessert, try their best-seller the "Deep-fried Snickers Bar," described as "Hand battered Snickers bar,   fried golden brown with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup."  It sounded so sinful and much more common than the Deep Fried Coca-Cola, so I went to order the latter.  

"A decadent combination of funnel cake, whipped cream, and Coca Cola syrup, topped with a fresh cherry." (120 pesos)

The funnel cakes are like small "Pilipit" breads that are deep fried.  It offers a unique combination of tastes from the crispy and fried funnel cakes, the creamy cream, and the sweetness of the Coca-Cola syrup.  I would have preferred it served ice-cream cold.  It's really nothing special.  Don't go to this place to eat dessert.  Simple as that.

 Wingman Grill Restaurant
The Collective
7274 Malugay Street, Makati City, Philippines

How to get there:
Coming from EDSA go to Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia), turn right at Chino Roces Ave. (Pasong Tamo), turn left at Yakal St., make another left at  Mayapis St., and then a final left to Malugay Street.  It will be on your left side.  Malugay is a one-way street hence the necessity to go around the block.   

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  1. looks interesting! parang diner in the side streets of NY.

    ah, so the "food scouts" can be with anyone. hehe

  2. is that a question or a statement?

  3. hehehe a statement. tama diba? in your previous post kasi i thought may group ka (with unfamiliar faces) to go food tripping with (and do food reviews) :D

    nag confirm ka na pala for next week, suya kay ko! huhuhu hayzzz

  4. well not entirely tama. the food scouts will remain anonymous for now. ;-)

    yup. going to La Union!

  5. I can't get over that the chicken wings cost 180PHP. I think that's really costly!

    And really? Deep-fried Snickers Bar? That sounds so strange, really unthinkable!

  6. Hi Charm!

    Yup! Manila price yan - very expensive na talaga. nothing is cheap these days. :-( Cebu is slowly catching up na din.

    I didn't try the snickers bar. maybe next time when I won't be binging on anything else ... hirap na masyado magpapayat at our age. hahaha Pero believe ako sayo!

  7. anonymous? di naman masyado, innanounce mo sino kasama mo here :D

    sige, enjoy!!!

  8. where man? so sinu-sino man kasama ko?

  9. hehehe maybe not here, it's on your gratitude wall.


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