Friday, January 07, 2011

2011 Tzao!

Good Morning 2011!

It was probably the first Christmas since I started blogging in 2006 that I forgot to blog my season's greetings.  Although I had planned something for it, I lost the material amidst all the chaos.  Well, I am definitely exaggerating here.  It wasn't really chaotic but for some reasons, the holiday season just felt a bit tougher than usual - made even tougher by the thought of losing some friends during the year.  Regardless, it's time to take it in stride and celebrate 2011!  I didn't wanna make any resolutions this year because I seldom follow them anyway.  Instead I've just decided to concentrate on 3 things this year: stock trading, cooking/baking, and photography

I'm trying to revive my passion for photography!  After losing the battle in the Century Tuna Superbod contest, I decided to get my own Lumix LX5!  So far, I am very pleased with it.  Check out the videos and photos I took this Christmas season in the video below.

Happy New Year!

Before that, here's a list of 11 FIRSTS in 2011!

1.  2010 American Music Awards
     - First TV program for 2011.  Saw a less impressive Katy Perry singing "Fireworks" compared to her performance in the 2010 Victoria's Secret fashion show.

1. Picture Back-up and "2011" Folder creatiion
      - First computer-related activity.  Backed up my 2010 pictures and created the "2011" folder for this year.  Noticed that file sizes are getting bigger and bigger!

1. Banana Flambe
        - First dessert creation.  Just heat up bananas in butter, brandy, and brown sugar mixture.  Pour some rhum and flambe the whole thing!  Add a pinch of cinnamon if preferred.  Instant comfort food!  I can't wait to try it over Panna Cotta!  

The best Banana Flambe I've tried is still the one made by Vicky Hefty during my visit to Coron, Palawan.  I think she added a little cream in the end.  I wish I can taste her version again.  And I'm just actually showing off that I can now do a flambe! hahaha ^^

1. Hercules
     - First movie.  Anything with "I will beat the odds.  I will go the distance," I like.  Just a couple of days before this I actually watched "The Prince of Egypt" again - "There can be miracles, when you believe!" *sucker* 

1. Shiroi Koibito (White Sweetheart)
     - First Chocolate for 2011.  Achi went to Osaka last year and bought boxes for me.  This is one "langue de chat" that everyone must try.  Together with Royce chocolates, these are the pride of Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan.  The next time you're in Japan, look for this wonderful treat.  After eating this, I followed it with a local marvel, V-Cut potato chips! ^^  

1.  Achi
     - First person to greet me a happy new year in person.  Just like every other year ^^.  And as usual, my parents were fast asleep around 10pm.

1. Manulife
     - First major payment.  After getting a life insurance in 2006, last year, I decided to take a pension plan - already thinking about my retirement! tsk tsk tsk.

1. Stock Trading
     - First office-like activity.  The stock market still looks very attractive for the next 2 years.

     - First website opened.  Had to search for the right pronunciation of the word "ante" as used in the expression "up the ante" after sister pointed out something her friend said.  This site is so useful.  I use it every time.

1.Real Leaf  Honey-Lemon Flavored Tea Drink
     - First drink.  Not exactly my favorite but I got 2 liters for free thanks to Citibank's credit card promo.  And no one else in the family will consume it but me.  2010 will have to be the year of credit card promotions!  Most promos ended by December 31, 2010.  I hope they come up with new ones for 2011.  The consumption limits though are awfully getting higher and higher. 

1. All I Want for Christmas
     - First AVP for 2011.  Taking photography another level up!  You can relive experiences more with still and motion pictures combined.  Expect more to come!  Enjoy!

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  1. yeah you should definitely pursue photography.

    Check out my top ten pictures of 2010 here at my blog:


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