Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fun Run!

It was my first fun run ever! Joined the HSBC 135 Fun Run in Davao last November 6, 2010.  It was a gloomy start as the sky was weeping early in the day.  It eventually gave way though to the hundreds of enthusiasts who just couldn't be stopped.  Someone must have offered it a giant Kleenex.  I joined the 5 kilometer event and still managed to keep it FUN (get it?) despite some people who tried to pass me only to stop right in front of my run path (more like jogging really).  hehehe (^o^)v Surprised myself as well when I finished in 30'46"! (personal timer not the official one).  I thought it would take me around 45 minutes.        

I have to admit, the professional runners who were already on their way back to the start/finish even when I just passed the 1.5km mark was motivating yet demotivating as well.

The challenge would be to finish a FULL MARATHON (42 km.)!  But the penultimate goal would be to finish the IRON MAN! hahaha. *good luck my toes, my knees, my shoulder, my head!*

*Thank you the organizers (HSBC with FishTank Productions) for a wonderful event.
*Thank you BR for taking my picture.

Oh! Before I forget! Thank you Ria Jose of for sponsoring me.  You've not only made the SOS Children beneficiaries happy but this child as well ^^ Sa uulitin.

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  1. great job! i hope that next time, you will still be motivated and have more fun.

  2. I didn't know you also blog.

    Anyhow, congrats on finishing! And good luck with the Ironman goal.

    You might want to join the Davao Bloggers party this December. Info at :)

  3. Salamat Charm! You never fail to read and leave a comment when you have something to say. Loving you for that (^o^)/


    On and off blogger. hehehe I'm friends with HoopAddict (Marc J.) but haven't met him here in Davao. But I don't think he actively blogs anymore. You might have met him before.

    I'll consider your invitation. medyo shy kasi ako sa mga ganyan hehehe.

  4. way to go, step! i just bought a pair of running shoes, but it's sitting with the tag since. hahay tapulan jud. hehe

  5. Thanks Freeze!

    I guess living in a subdivision has it's advantages hehehe.

    Start running na so you can join the Sinulog marathon in January ^^ Planning to go if I can find a cheap place to stay in ^^ And kapag may sale ulit sa air fares hehehe

  6. ran this morning, walked halfway again. lol

    the cebu marathon is a week before sinulog, P800 reg fee!!!


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